5 Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Reception on a Budget

Source: Unsplash | Ramiz Dedaković

With regards to wedding decorations, the alternatives and the money it takes to draw off a “Pinterest-worthy” reception may appear to be overpowering. But, we’re here to reveal to you that your wedding reception decor shouldn’t be messed up. It doesn’t have to burn the candles at both ends! With some innovative substitutions and attention on the overall feel as opposed to the minor subtleties, you’ll see that enhancing your wedding reception on a budget is simpler than you think. Suppose you happen to be in the Salt Lake City Utah. When you think about cheap wedding venues at Utah, the question pops up in your mind as to What are the best wedding venues in Salt Lake City?

Tips to Décor your Wedding Reception on a Budget

Here are our best tips to make your dream come true while keeping your wallet cheerful!

1. Use stuffs from your own home

Pouffes, pillows, covers, chairs, carpets, wall hangers… everything that can be easily transported from your home to your reception venue. We’ve even observed couples lease a moving truck to tow couches and tables for use in their venue! Check out your home and get inventive with ways you could utilize some of the stylistic themes you already possess to enliven your wedding reception. Notwithstanding setting aside money, you ensure your wedding will feel like “you.”

2. Repurpose your ceremony decor

Reusing decor components throughout your day are a major time-saver, money saver, and stress saver! Your bridesmaids’ bouquets can undoubtedly turn into your table centrepieces. Your ceremony milieu would look lovely behind your cake table. You could even utilize your ceremony seating as a major aspect of your reception seating. There’s no reason you should need to drain your cash away on duplicate things, particularly if your budget is tight.

3. Use plenty of candles

It may sound senseless; however, keep in mind the intensity of some great, old’ fashioned candlelight! Low lighting dispersed over a room can truly set the state of mind and give the whole space a pretty gleam. Besides, if you get candles in different shapes, sizes, and statures, you can add visual enthusiasm to your decor for essentially nothing. We adore blending and matching candles in lamps, in votive holders, in candlesticks, and all alone for significantly more profundity and texture!

4. Think outside the box for centrepieces

No rule says your table centrepieces must be floral arrangements — or that blooms must be incorporated by any means! Books, jumbled glassware, lanterns, lamps, and geometric gold table decor are all great centrepiece alternatives. Check out your home… are there things on your tables that you could use for your centrepieces? With a little inventiveness, the possibilities are endless!

5. Hang lights anyplace and all over


It’s astounding how lighting can genuinely change a space, which is enormous in addition to when adorning on a budget. Regardless of whether your wedding reception will occur outside or inside, you can instantly include feeling and cosiness with deliberately hung twinkle lights or bistro lights. If your wedding reception is outside, fold lights over trees, wrap them like a canopy between branches, or light up walkways. If your wedding reception is inside, drape lights from the ceiling, lay them down the centre of every table, or join them into pruned plants around the border of the space.


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