5 Situations When You Need an Emergency Electrician

According to a research that was conducted between 2002 and 2004, about 1,493 people were electrocuted by accident in Australia alone in this two-year period. Now, while this may not seem much for a vast country such as Australia, such figures are still not to be taken lightly. Even though it is true that some of the simpler tasks may be handled as DIY projects (after all, you’re not going to call an electrician every time your light bulb needs changing), sometimes it is better to simply ask for some professional help from Cowley Electrical Milton or an electrician in your area. With this in mind and without further ado, here are five situations in which you most definitely need an emergency electrician on your speed-dial.

1. Overheating appliances

While this situation may not put you in an immediate life-threatening scenario, it is definitely not something to be underestimated either. You see, if you notice a frayed cord or a discolored outlet, feel that an appliance in your home is unusually hot or even notice some smoke, you are in danger. On the one hand, you can be sure that the appliance is no longer safe to use, but on the other hand, you still don’t know the root of the problem. Therefore, it might be for the best to contact a professional and have them assess the situation. The appliances that are most probable to develop these problems are the microwave, the oven, the washing machine, the dishwasher and your AC.

2. After the strike of a lightning

While a lot of people don’t take this issue seriously, the truth is that there is a 1 in 3,000 chance that you or your home will be struck by a lightning at least once in your lifetime. This, however, depends on various factors. For instance, houses in the suburbs may be under a greater exposure, seeing as how there are less tall constructions in the area that would act as alternative targets. Aside from the risk of starting a fire, after being struck by lightning, it isn’t uncommon to see your electrical system misbehaving. Therefore, it might be for the best to contact an emergency Residential Electrician as soon as you can.

3. Buzzing and humming noises

Even a child knows that in a present-day household, there is only one possible source of buzzing and humming noises – an electrical issue in your grid or appliances. As soon as you notice this, make sure to contact an electrician, seeing as how you never know just how serious the situation may be. Some people try to investigate the problem on their own and even try to unplug the appliances beforehand, however, this is not an advisable solution, due to the fact that this action itself bears a risk of electrocution. In other words, in order to get past this situation unharmed, you need to restrain your natural curiosity and act as a rational adult.

4. During and after a flood

Having your wires exposed to water and moisture in general is a real nightmare and, sadly, something you can do absolutely nothing about. In order to prevent some serious damage, however, you need to immediately locate your electrical panel and turn it off. For this, simply look for the largest switch, which is usually at the top of the panel. Needless to say, locating your electrical panel is something you need to do the first time you enter your place. Now that the immediate threat is removed, look for the number of a 24 hour electrician and tell them your problem. Due to the gravity of the situation, you can expect them to be there right away.

5. Strange odors

Before we even get started on this one, you need to make sure that the odors you are experiencing are coming from one of your appliances or outlets. Even if you can’t visually identify the source of it, you should expect it to be the odor of burning carbon. Experiencing this is particularly troublesome, seeing as how it could mean that you are merely minutes away from a fire breaking out in your home. Here, again, you should turn the power completely off in your home before calling a residential electrician perth.


At the end of the day, in order to be as safe as possible around any type of electrical malfunction, you need to know three things. First, you need to know how to recognize a potentially life-threatening situation. Second, you need to locate and turn off your electrical panel. Finally, you need to know the number of a professional electrician who you can contact at any time of day and night. Past this point, handling electrical issues around your home becomes a walk in the park.