Backpack or Suitcase: Which One Should You Use While Travelling?

Choosing a Backpack or a Suitcase is a question almost all travellers would have confronted during their travel times at least once in their life. The question might be simple, however, the answer in most cases would be tough. There are a lot of people who would have tried both options and are yet confused on which one to use while travelling. Using a backpack or a suitcase has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s a look at some of the factors in this scenario that can influence your choice.

How long is your journey?

The duration doesn’t really make much of a difference for taking this decision. Whether you are headed to Vegas to have fun and party or if you planning to sit on a beach sipping Pina Coladas and playing online games (log on to some most popular phone casinos or video gaming site to experience the amazing games), both these travel options work perfectly. The best advice in such a case would be to pick whatever you are comfortable with.

What is your travel location?

Now, this can be a very important factor when you’re considering taking a backpack or a suitcase. If your travel is going to take you to beaches, hills or crowded and dirty lanes or frequent stops and bus rides, then carrying a backpack could be the best option. You certainly do not want to roll your suitcases on dirty and uneven roads, do you?

Your budget is an important factor

The budget of your travel is certainly a very important factor in this regard. If you are on a high budget trip for example to Vegas to experience the amazing casino games and staying at luxury hotels and using taxis a good suitcase is recommended. However, if you are on a low budget travelling by buses or thinking and staying at hostels and budget accommodations then a backpack can be your best friend.

Are looks important to you?

For some people, looks are very important while there are other travellers who don’t care at all about appearances. The place that you are visiting also matters. For Example, if you are going to walk into Ceaser Palace in Vegas you certainly would like to carry a good-looking suitcase to match your style and appearance. However, if you are roadie who loves to enjoy the company of a backpack. Mostly it’s about personal choices and how comfortable people are with their surroundings and needs. The best option, however, is to choose whatever option that makes you feel comfortable in your journey. Whichever option you use to make sure that you use a good quality reliable product. You would not enjoy having your suitcase or backpack broken or torn during your trip.

Also, make sure that you carry enough things to keep you engaged during your travel like books etc. Dress comfortably and travel safely.