5 Reasons Why Jute Bags Are Good For The Environment

Jute bags are cost efficient products made up of a natural vegetable fiber that is spun into durable threads. Next to cotton, jute fiber is the second most widely used cloth fiber around the world. Bags made of jute can be a valuable addition to your shopping trips for a small cost and long term increased savings. Here are five reasons why jute bags should be the next addition to your daily routine.

  1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Jute bags are biodegradable as well as reusable. By using them you are doing your share in improving the environment. Due to the fact that plastic bags are burned when they are sent to the landfill or waste processing plant, avoiding using them will reduce your carbon footprint considerably. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the most effective way of combating global warming, which means you would be helping improve the world for future generations.

  1. Replace Plastic Bags

Even when disposed of properly, disposable plastic bags tend to wind up in storm drains, gutters, and bodies of water that affect our water supply and damage aquatic ecosystems. Disruption of underwater ecosystems has adverse effects that are not only long term. When waste and pollution enters water systems, it doesn’t only negatively impact the quality of the water itself, but also proves to be detrimental to the creatures that live within the water. This can disturb underwater food chains, which is destructive not only to the environment, but the economy as well.

  1. An Economic and Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Using jute bags instead of disposable plastic bags has huge advantages that can benefit you and your family. While polyethylene bags are very prone to being ripped apart, jute is an incredibly durable material that will last you even after years of continuous use. Since they are reusable, there’s no need to get more than you typically need time and time again. They can also be bought in a Bulk Order so that you can make sure you won’t resort to plastic bags ever again!

  1. Sustainable Plant-Based Product

The plants that jute is extracted from require very little space to be grown, meaning the growth efficiency of the plants makes them extraordinarily cost effective. Jute needs no pesticides or fertilizers, two offsets that are huge contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Jute is also a viable replacement for wood, which results in less deforestation. All around, jute is a cheap and environmentally beneficial alternative to plastic bags.

  1. Promote Awareness

Other than the positive impact in terms of the environment and economy, jute bags have an inherent cosmetic value to them. Reusable jute bags are what’s “in” right now, it shows that you care about your surroundings and your community. Through the use of jute bags, it is evident that your concern outweighs your need for supposed “convenience” and convinces others to choose to go green as well.

If you have been considering discontinuing the use of disposable bags, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a durable jute bag. It is clear that if you use a jute bag for its intended purpose and continue to use it frequently, you can do more for the planet by simply doing less.