5 Creative Ways to Document Your Travels

Calling all travel addicts, this one’s for you.

Do you put all your extra cash towards your travel fund? Are you constantly looking for new places to go and new adventures to have? Do you love having new experiences and creating memories? Well then, surely, you’d like to document every last moment to cherish forever.

Adventurers are passionate about their explorations, and for a good reason. Having a special way to keep all your memories and even display them for the world to see is totally justified. Here are a few fun and creative ways to document all your travels. 

Print Coffee Table Books

We’ve all seen stunning coffee table books featuring gorgeous countries all over the world, so why not create your own? A coffee table book is a great place to showcase your absolute best travel photography for the people in your life to peruse. 

If you really want these to look amazing, then consider professional book printing to turn your photographs into something all your guests will want to flip through. 

Set Up a Gallery Wall

Another great way to put your travels on full display in your home is by curating a gallery wall. With this style, anything goes, and you can choose to feature your very best photography, your more candid moments, or a gorgeous combination of the two.

Use frames of different shapes and sizes to represent different places and feelings – and you can even start buying frames from the cities you visit as souvenirs! 

Use a Travel Journal or Scrapbook

If you want to keep your memories a little more private, but still hold onto every beautiful detail, then you might opt for a travel journal instead. This is something you can keep to yourself for the most part or share with those you choose to. 

You can purchase a pre-made travel journal that has space for you to fill in details about your trips, or you could create one yourself, allowing you complete freedom.

Start a Blog

If you have no issues with putting your experiences in the public eye for all to see, then you might consider starting a travel blog.

This is a great option for the writers out there, who like to capture their experiences in words more so than with photographs and ticket stubs. Write blog posts about how certain places made you feel, how the people treated you, how the food tasted, and how the views took your breath away. 

Create a Dedicated Instagram Account

A more visual public display to think about is a travel Instagram account. This can be separate from your regular account and be used purely for pictures and videos from your travels. This is a great form of a personal photo diary, and you can make the account private if you’d prefer to only share with those close to you.

If you manage to build your Instagram following, you might even be able to reach out to travel-focused brands to sponsor your trips in exchange for some publicity on your page.