The Most Common Challenges of the Construction Resource Management Today’s Contractors Face

The construction sector is the ever-growing niche where new solutions, innovations, and transformations take place every day. But all the developments usually are accompanied by more and more challenges. For example, resource management is still a weak spot for many building companies. It is difficult to manage all the assets at once and not miss any details in the reports, estimates, and other pre-construction documentation during the planning and costing stage.

Usually, today’s contractors try to improve their management properties with the help of the best-matching digital tools to automate and digitize the workforce and all possible activities. For example, construction estimating software can solve the problem of human-factor errors in costing, quoting, bidding documentation, and estimates. This is important for resource management as well.

Nevertheless, all the assets in the building to manage can bring a range of new challenges to contractors. Digital-friendly approaches can solve some of them. But the comprehensive strategies where several strategies are implemented together will fit better for this purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the most common issues in the context of construction resource pools and their management.

5 Challenges in Construction Resource Management and the Ways to Mitigate Them 

Let’s start with the list of resources in construction that interests most result-driven managers. Among these essential assets are human resources, facilities, materials, and equipment. All of them are important for your progress in the building arena. For example, if you have problems with your human resource management, your labor costs will grow or delays are going to take place.

The same story is with materials and equipment. You can miss some details and lose some supplies required for the project. Or rental costs for heavy machinery are not included in the estimating documents. These mistakes lead to more and more challenges on your way to the project realization. 

For example, delays, low-profit margins, bad reputation after failed deadlines, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the most common resource management challenges together. This way you will be able to understand the issue and see the ways to mitigate problems.

1 – Shortage of Labor Resources

Note that shortage is not always about cutting labor costs. You can cause more serious problems. For example, the lack of competent specialists after the shortage can take place. All skilled people should hold their job positions to provide you with high-grade results. If you cannot avoid a shortage, be ready to invest in onboarding and mentorship programs for new workers with affordable pay rates.

2 – Lack of Planning and Scheduling Strategies

You should review your planning and scheduling approaches as soon as possible. This way you will be able to keep Your resources safe. The best solution is to implement modern software for fast transformations. Use time management, planning, and scheduling tools to manage your team, materials, facilities, and equipment.

3 – Poor Risk Management

Do not forget that both external and internal factors can have a direct impact on your resource management. That is why manage risks and monitor all the changes properly. For this purpose, try several efficient solutions:

  • Prioritize the tasks and react immediately when new requests, updates, and changes in the plan take place.
  • Communicate with all the stakeholders regularly.
  • Undertake analytical work and apply tailored approaches to tackle challenges.
  • Find out all-fits-all solutions for better planning.

Speaking about the last point, communication apps and scheduling tools will come in handy as flexible solutions that cover several needs at once.

4 – Inefficient Use of Construction Resources

Do not order too many construction materials if you are not sure that you are going to use them all. The same story with equipment rentals and purchases. You should analyze which machinery and tools you utilize regularly. Do not overpay to avoid low-level profit margins finally. Try to define appropriate variables from the very beginning.

Additionally, improve your deployment strategies in the context of building resources. It is better to do this with the help of comparing realized projects with ongoing ones. Plus, your estimating and costing should be of the highest level.

5 – Poor Communication

Your resources depend on the quality of your communication. All the departments should interact tightly. Digitize communication channels via apps and cloud-based document sharing. Additionally, try to understand the main goals of the project together with your team. Explain your teammates’ duties and purposes according to their job positions and roles in the company.

Do not forget about updates on the tasks and tracking the overall progress of your team and project in general. The best tech solutions for contractors concerning communication improvements are various applications and software with reminder options, chatbots, and desktop notifications.