4 Red Light Therapy Benefits You Should Know About

Red Light Therapy is a great example of modern Medical Marvels. The treatment provided by Celluma has great potential in the future, and we expect it will treat nearly all health. To give you an idea of what we are talking about, following we are describing the current benefits of red-light therapy.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Red Light Therapy effectively treats inflammation. It limits inflammatory response and fights of oxidative damage by getting rid of inflammatory cytokines. A review on muscle repair concludes that red light therapy reduces inflammation, this improves your healing system and blood vessel formation. Red Light doesn’t have any side effects, unlike Chemotherapy.

An adverse negative effect of chemotherapy is usually oral mucositis. This happens when soreness breaks down the lining of your mouth. Fortunately, you can treat even the most severe case of oral mucositis with Re and Infrared technology.

It also fights off Pain. Red Light can help reduce pain and improve motion even after a spinal cord injury. The treatment can be used to treat tennis elbows.

2. Improves Healing

Red Light Therapy also improves your body’s ability to heal itself. Red Light therapy is widely used in surgery to heal the body and reduce pain. In some cases, it has been used to treat diabetic foot ulcer and relieve pain.

According to recent tests, Red Light has proved itself to be superior to Infrared Therapy for burn wounds. Red Light enhances the healing of incision wounds and eliminates the risk of infection. It decreases healing time as it promotes cell and tissue growth.  We won’t be surprised if it becomes more common in medical institutes.

3. Physical Performance

If you are an athlete and you would like a performance kick, then better check out The Energy Blueprint Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy has its uses in the cardiac health sector. Heart patients undergo red light to improve their performance and fight off chest pain while exercising.

It helps to decrease soreness and reduce indicator of muscle damage. It also helps to improve endurance and quality of sleep. Red Light Therapy’s effectiveness to treat athletic issues has sparked a debate. Many professional now debate whether red light therapy should be allowed in competition to improve the performance of players.

4. Enhances Cognitive Functions

Red Light Therapy is proven to improve the cognitive ability of people suffering from Stroke, Alzheimer’s, and even Parkinson’s disease. It also proved to improve memory, attention as well as executive functions.

Red Light Therapy is used to control depression, anxiety, and insomnia. This plays a big role to improve cognitive functions and improve the overall quality of your life.

Red Light improves your brains function after a traumatic brain injury. There have been a few cases where red light therapy was used to improve memory, and attention of subject while fighting off PTSD. This treatment helps keep your cells from dying. It ultimately improves your brain functions within weeks after the incident.

Health Experts continue to experiment with Red Light to get a better grip on its capability and use it to improve human health.