10 Skills Required To Be An Excel Programmer

Excel programmers are exceedingly talented individuals. Much training is required before they can perform their roles well.

These specialists spend years fine-tuning their skillset. It’s also worth remembering that improper use of Microsoft Excel can be catastrophic for institutions. Significant data losses can certainly not be shrugged off, and anyone operating these systems needs to be in complete control at all times.

If you wish to become an excel programmer or hire diligent professionals in this area, you need to know which abilities are essential to hold. As you learn more about Excel, more software-specific skills become compulsory as well. Here’s what they are.  

Cell Formatting

The appearance of your worksheets may not seem like a priority. However, if you’re presenting data to others, your findings need to be immaculately organised. Otherwise, matters can get confused, and businesses can descend into chaos.

Of course, programmers are expected to have advanced knowledge, and something as basic as cell formatting might seem a little elementary. However, it is important to remember the fundamentals of Excel, as they can easily be forgotten if your attention is on more complicated matters.  

If you make a booking system on Excel, conditional formatting can help. It changes the colours of certain cells to align with the conditions that you set. For instance, conditional formatting will be useful if you’re running a cinema and need to change seat appearances as they are booked.

Data Validation 

Data validation techniques enable you to restrict and limit what types of information enter your worksheets. Click on a cell for a dropdown menu and set the parameters you would like your document to have.

You can also set character limits in certain cells. Suppose you have other excel programmers working with you or staff working under you. In that case, data validation is a great way to ensure continuity in the quality of the work you produce.

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Less proficient computer users will spend time looking for tabs to click. On Excel, there are many different options to click on. Programmers don’t have the luxury of time to pick through them all.

Most Excel programmers have a shorthand for this problem. They’ll use shortcuts, a combination of keys on their keyboard that take them to a desired point in the software in an instant. Though seconds may be spared with each shortcut, the amount of time saved here can be extraordinary over the years.

Basic Formulas

Excel formulas can perform key functions in your worksheet. Becoming proficient in using and reading them will make your data management techniques far more efficient.

Concatenate can help you sort data. If you have multiple columns, their separate texts can be joined together. You can also combine values from several cells into one cell.

SUMIFS are another type of formula. They can add all numbers in a range of cells based on single or multiple criteria.  

Other formulas to note are SUM, average, and COUNTIF formulas. Forecast can also calculate future values for you. Try to learn as much as you can about each to become a more proficient excel programmer.


Scenarios, Goal Seek, and Data Tables are important analysis tools within Excel software. They each form part of the tech’s What-If Analysis.

Using these tools effectively allows you to change the values of cells. After that, you will be able to see the influence this will have on certain formulas in your worksheet. It’s a great way to pre-plan your potential profit if you’re running a business, for example.

Programming Language

Virtual Basic for Applications (VBA) evolved from Visual Basic (VB). It is a programming language that enables you to create numerous business-friendly solutions within Excel.

You can learn everything there is to know about VBA and other Excel programming matters from dedicated specialists. Find an expert Excel programmer who can consult you on all your needs. They can help you create macros, forms, customised dialogue boxes, and more. Build your familiarity with this flexible programming language and use the visual basic editor.


If you have repetitive and basic excel functions to perform, macros can make things much easier. To use a macro, you must essentially record your clicks and keystrokes. After that, you can simply run these multi-stage actions at your leisure.

As an Excel programmer, many matters will demand your attention. To have a timesaving feature like this will lighten your workload and allow you to ward off stress. Silly and preventable mistakes may be made if you’re bored with tedious work to do, so macros can ensure quality control too.


Pinpointing data in a vast Excel sheet can be hard to do. Many people use the software to manage their money, but certain functions can help you quickly find the information you are looking for if you also organise financial information.

VLOOKUP stands for vertical lookup. It’s a function that enables a programmer to search for the value in one spreadsheet column and return a value from a different column that must be in the same row. In context, programmers can better manage financial data through Excel.

Chart Creation

There are many ways to present the data you wish to input into Excel. Charts are often the go-to format for doing this.

Charts are a favourable way to showcase your information if you wish to show comparisons and analysis in what you have presented. Numbers present on their own can be confusing and polarising, so some graphical representation can help viewers understand what you’re attempting to convey.  

General Program Awareness

All the skills raised so far can be surmised with your general awareness of excel. It’s important to know what Excel can do, but it’s also crucial to understand its limitations.

Excel should perhaps not be used as an enormous or primary database for a business or institution. Important excel management files can be collaborated on if you use an online version, but if not, you should likely utilise other software in those circumstances.

If your needs require a more specialist touch then dedicated software is more advisable for you. That sense of perspective is essential for all excel programmers so that you don’t become overly ambitious and thus reckless in your data management.