Why Is Numerology Important?

Accurate psychics often use tools to help them read. For example, tarot and oracle cards can answer open-ended questions using symbols. Mediums who make birth charts use the stars to determine clients’ destinies. Numerology is yet another tool, though it’s not as widely represented in media.

What is numerology, and is it worth studying? You may be surprised by the answers.

What Is Numerology?

At its core, numerology is math applied to a spiritual purpose. There are several types of numerology, each practiced by different cultures throughout history. However, the most commonly used system in the modern era was created by Pythagoras.

Ancient System

The name Pythagoras may ring a bell, and for a good reason. He was an ancient Greek philosopher who made considerable strides in mathematics–in fact, many of his discoveries are taught today. For example, you probably used the Pythagorean theorem to solve for triangle side lengths in school.

While numerology isn’t usually a subject available to high school students, it still offers excellent insight into the philosophy of the time. Honestly, the idea that math can uncover the mysteries of the universe isn’t far off–if you want examples, just look at the amazing work done with physics.

Important Numbers

Numerology uses Arabic numerals and seeks to break every large number down to its root. When you’re finished calculating, you’ll have one of the following answers:




Why are 11 and 22 included when the goal is reaching single digits? These two numerals are Master Numbers and represent more intense energy.

How Can Life Path Numbers Affect You?

If you want to walk the psychic path, you need to calculate your life path number. This numeral gives you a general understanding of your personality and future, much like sun signs do. To find your life path number, reduce each component of your birthdate to single digits, then reduce the total.

Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Once you’ve figured out your life path number, you can look up the associated strengths and weaknesses. If you want further clarification, you can combine numerology with astrology and determine your sun, rising and moon signs as well.

Reflect on Your Values

Each life path number also illuminates individuals’ inner values. Understanding what makes you feel fulfilled is essential if you want to find your purpose. For example, knowing that you find the most happiness when helping others can steer you toward a career where you make a massive difference in people’s lives. Living true to your values can also help you find a partner who shares your passions.

Discover Your Spiritual Side

Numerology is all about using numbers to explore the spiritual forces around you. Calculating your life path number is a great place to start if you want to get in touch with your spiritual side. From there, you can explore practices that complement your number.

Whether you’re looking for the best love psychic or need help discovering your past lives, numerology is a useful tool. With your life path and destiny numbers revealed, you can make informed decisions about your future.