How To Wow Your Woman For Her Birthday

When your partner’s birthday comes around it is the perfect opportunity to make them feel very special indeed. Unlike Christmas where everyone celebrates and gives presents, a birthday is all about one person and one person only and it is a chance for you to show just how much you care for your girlfriend, wife or fianc√©.

There can be a bit of pressure on this day for you however as you will want to make sure that everything is just right for your partner and that she is going to fall in love with the present that you have chosen for her. To help you in giving her the best day possible, here are some tips for you.

Make a Great Start

Remember that her birthday starts from the moment that she wakes up and you should be on hand at this moment to kick start her perfect day. Set your alarm clock early and get up to make her some breakfast in bed, plan for this the day before and ensure that you have got her favorite breakfast ingredients.


Flowers may be a cliche gift but the reason that they are so cliche is because everyone loves flowers and your partner’s special day should feature flowers throughout. Add a surprise element to the day and arrange for some flowers to be delivered for your partner. You can get flowers anywhere in the World and if you want to get flowers delivered in Brisbane or Pennsylvania, you can do so with the click of a button or a simple phone call.


Most people will tell you that they don’t like surprises, in my experience I have found that anyone who says that, are the people who love them most. There are many things which you can do to surprise your partner on their birthday, you could whisk them away somewhere, you could arrange a day off with their boss or you could even throw a huge party with all of her friends. A surprise shows your partner that you have put a lot of thought in to their day and want to ensure that they have some excitement on their birthday.


No woman is going to be disappointed if you give them a diamond ring but presents like this are not the be all and end all of making your partner’s day special. What women love more than anything is that you care, that you put in effort and planning to giving them a great birthday. For this reason, you should look to make something yourself which you can give her as a present. This could be something as simple as a cake or as extravagant as a home video which you have made about your relationship or her life. Naturally you should give them a little more for their birthday than just this but the addition of a handmade gift with the other presents will make her feel truly special.

Make sure that you start planning for her birthday months in advance so that you can arrange and organize as well as saving up to give her a great day.