Why The Impact of Affordable Office Solutions is Huge for Start-Ups

Even though the effects of the global recession are now beginning to repair themselves, economic conditions continue to be tough for young businesses. With political turmoil occurring all around the world and the price of raw materials increasing, careful budgeting and cost control have never been more important.

Fortunately for businesses making their start in Southeast Asia, countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines are faring quite well. They have rapidly growing economies and strong labour markets. So, if you are on the hunt for affordable talent, this is the place to be. Visit www.servcorp.co.th/en/virtual-offices to check out available office solutions in Bangkok.

This guide to the importance of finding a low cost, flexible office will help you understand why a good base is the key to success.

A Top Location for Less

The beauty of flexible office solutions is that they enable young companies to acquire assets which it might otherwise take years to achieve. For instance, it is very expensive to rent a high-end office outright, with a long term lease.

However, the rates are much lower if you choose to work from a communal office, in the same spot. This is what is known as virtual office solutions. Tenants register with a provider and then pay to access a fully equipped corporate suite as and when they need it.

Outsource On a Budget

The range of features and resources on offer at a virtual office are surprisingly varied. If you are not familiar with coworking suites, it can be useful to think of them as the corporate equivalent of a gym or library.

You pay a fee to be a member and, for your money, you get unrestricted access to the tools and resources inside. The biggest advantage is that all utility and maintenance costs are taken care of as part of the low rate. They are shared evenly among all of the tenants.

Reduced Overheads

Affordable office solutions enable businesses to keep a tighter hold over their expenses. It means that they have greater control over how much money leaves the company, which provides more freedom to invest and expand. For start-ups, rapid growth is possible at an early stage, particularly after a bootstrapped launch.

This rental option comes with negotiable terms and a short lease. Plus, imagine how much money you could save if you did not have to pay separate bills for heating, lighting, cleaning, broadband, and other resources. In a virtual workspace, you are paying for nothing but the corporate assets. Everything else (basic costs) is offset by the communal design.

Constant Connectivity

Flexible offices and coworking spaces make it a lot simpler for companies to stay connected to their customers on a continuous basis, even if they’re located in many different countries. Most virtual providers offer access to customisable receptionist services.

It means that keeping a customer helpline or business line open 24/7 becomes an affordable, economical option. You will never miss an important call again because there will always be somebody responsible for answering them. Efficient, reliable communications are a top priority for virtual providers.

Why Virtual Offices Are Big News in Thailand

Over the last decade, Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia have become a hotspot or entrepreneurs and start-ups. Bangkok is a city which is full of opportunities for companies with flexible working models and a willingness to try new things.

Virtual office solutions support lean, streamlined operations and they can help young enterprises survive those tough early years. They put the tenant in control so that every expense is worthwhile and absolutely necessary.