Why Dubai? – Top 5 reasons to visit Dubai

Dubai, a glittering city brimming with a variety of self-indulgent activities is an ever trending holiday spot that makes its way to every travel bucket list. It also stands out as one of the most easily accessible spots from around the globe, with an array of online flight booking options that suit your travel style and budget. The record breaking architectural structures here are well adorned by a dash of urban constructions and traditional quarters. Among the never-endingly compelling reasons why one must visit the city of Dubai, we’ve handpicked our top five favourites. Read on!

  1. Food– The rich food contributions in Dubai is a result of all the influences from around the world. Pick a cuisine of your choice and the city has the best of it to offer. What’s even more delectable are the regional dishes from the local cuisine including the exotic harees, stuffed camel, shawarma, machboos (a rice based dish) and more.
  2. Shopping – From the renowned global brands to the unique (Dubai origin) finds, the city has its shopping scene sorted and can keep all types of visitors occupied. The souqs are stocked with a varied of textile, fabrics, spices, dry fruits and even gold. To add more fun and frolic to your shopping experience in Dubai, visit during one of the famous shopping festivals such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Dubai Summer Surprises, GITEX and so on. These events not only bag you a great bargain but also indulge you in fun activities. Planning a visit already? Head to Ejazah.com to book your hotels online before they’re sold out.
  3. Modern architecture– The city of superlatives, Dubai is world famed for its impressive architectural structures that defy gravity. These gorgeous buildings not only define the city now, but also are synonymous to the growth and grandeur of Dubai. Besides the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, there are several other structures standing proud such as the Burj Al Arab, Cayan Tower, Atlantis the Palm and the perfectly placed museum (amidst the old and new Dubai) called the Dubai Frame.
  4. Heritage – Undoubtedly one of the most developed and modern city, Dubai hasn’t left its traditions and culture behind. The heritage sites and museums here not only preserve the history well but also make you re-live them effortlessly. The Dubai Museum, Traditional Architect Museum and the Hatta Heritage Village are few heritage sites you cannot miss. These old surviving structures are educational, artistic and the cultural gems of old Dubai.
  5. Things to do – The mysterious deserts and man-made attractions bring together a plethora of adventure options for travelers of all ages. To experience the highlights of the city and enjoy some of the remarkable adventures, a minimum of 7 – 10 days of stay is required to do justice to your holiday. The desert safari tours, traditional dhow cruises, dinner in the sky, hop-on hop-off city tours are few must experiences when you’re here. We also highly recommend you to treat yourself to a visit to the Dubai Aquaventure, City walk, At the top, and a spend a relaxed day at the Kite beach.