What You Should Know About Fitness Center Safety

Fitness centers, health centers, and gyms are in the business of helping customers become fit and stay in shape through physical activity. Extensive sports, group classes, and individual exercise options all have benefits for the customers. They all have risks as well.

Professional fitness centers mitigate the most common risks through design, training, and commercial insurance. Fitness center insurance includes general liability coverage which protects members if they’re injured or if they suffer property damage at the gym. Other insurance the business has may protect customers if there are product defects or problems with services they sell.

Club members should look for the following features when choosing a new a new gym.

Controlled Check In

Fitness centers that closely monitor who is entering and leaving help ensure the safety of the facility. Not only does controlled check in keep strangers from entering, it also helps keep track of who is on site. If an emergency arises that requires evacuation, gyms that monitor check in will know exactly how many people they have to account for.

Central Control Desk

Many fitness centers have a control desk positioned to be visible from all areas of the facility. Sometimes this control desk is located amongst the independent exercise locations only, since instructors monitor various classes and groups.

The control desk is designed as a central spotting location. Employees are able to monitor multiple areas of the facility while customers are working out. A central control desk can see the climbing walls, weightlifting areas, exercise machines, and even glass-walled sport rooms. If someone has an accident in any of these areas, the open design makes it easy to see and quickly address.

Glass Walls or Open Design

Fitness centers that do not have a control desk should still have an open design. Glass walls also work well, because safety spotters and trainers can immediately see if someone has a problem. Someone using a treadmill can have a heart attack and require immediate medical care, for instance. Or someone climbing the rock wall might fall to the ground and break an ankle.

Attentive Trainers and Employees

An open design is most helpful when staffed with attentive trainers or employees. Some gyms hire employees whose job is to watch participants closely as they enjoy the activities, sports, and machines. Whether members are climbing the rock wall, lifting weights, or running on a treadmill, spotters and employees should be centrally located within each space in case problems arise. There should also be employees continually looking for and removing potential safety hazards such as spilled water or a towel on the floor.

Well-Maintained Equipment

Properly inspected and maintained equipment is critical to the safety of use. When considering joining a new facility, check to see how well cared for the machines appear. If there are no publically posted inspection dates, ask questions. Ask how often the machines are cleaned, oiled, inspected for loose parts, how old the machines are, and so on. Don’t risk using machines that aren’t cared for properly, as it may cause extensive injuries that take time to recover from.

The safety of all members and their guests should be the number one priority of any reputable fitness center. Look for these key components when searching for a new gym, and you’re sure to find just the right one for you.