10 Unique Ways To Reward Your Employees

Your employees deserve a bit of an “atta boy” every once in a while. It will go a long way to communicate that you appreciate them, that you value them, and that you acknowledge the time that they put in to keep your company running. Unfortunately, about 58 percent of workers have reported that they very rarely receive any recognition, let alone a “thank you” from their boss.

Employees who feel that you appreciate them and notice the good job that they are doing are more likely to perform better and are more likely to whistle while they work. There are a few different ways you can tell them that you appreciate them and that you value what they contribute to the company. You can tell your employees that you think highly of them with a simple thank you or you could go all out with trophies and awards. The important thing is to let them know that you appreciate them and that you want them to stick around.

One way to tell your employees that you appreciate what they do is to be more flexible. Employees appreciate a flexible schedule and be sure to get your employees’ input so you can decide how to accommodate them while still keeping the company running smoothly.

You should consider going remote. These days it’s not uncommon for employees to work from home and offering telecommuting arrangements is a great way to reward your hardest working and brightest employees. The upside is that your employees will most likely be less stressed since they will not have to pay tolls or try to beat the rush hour.

Another way to reward employees is with a prime parking spot. If possible, you should designate a “star” parking spot that you can dedicate to your best worker. You can also rotate it among other top performers, say every month.

Be sure to reward hard work and effort with an acknowledgment or a compliment. Make sure your employees know that you not only value their work but that you have noticed all the time and effort they have put into your company.

Everyone loves a freebie so why not give one to your employee? Reward a job well-done with time off, bonus time off, or even a vacation. It’s a win-win because when your employee comes back they will be refreshed and ready to go again.

A party is another fun way to celebrate the hard work of your employees. Better yet, make it a surprise party and take an hour or two to let loose and to really enjoy a break from work. Treat everyone to a nice lunch and give your staff an hour or two to really enjoy themselves.

If you have completed a big task or project that everyone put in a lot of time and effort, give them a gift certificate for a special treat such as a massage or visit to the spa and give them an afternoon off to enjoy it.

You can even make your employees a member of a professional association of your employee’s choice. It will make your employee feel like one of the team’s most valued members and a part of the company.

Don’t overlook the simple things and be sure to send a thank you card or a bouquet of flowers. Keep it personal and stick to a handwritten note rather than a mass generated computer note. A human connection will make your employees feel like you are more down-to-earth and that you genuinely appreciate what they do rather than simply trying to keep them happy.

According to research conducted by Maritz Research, employees who feel that they are recognized and appreciated at their jobs are more likely to feel committed to the company, likely to invest in the company, and more likely to stay with the company. They are also five times more likely to feel valued. A little appreciation goes a long way and will ultimately add to the success of your company. You and your company will also earn a reputation for being desirable to work for and will reflect well on the business side of things as well.