What You Need to Do Yoga in the Beach

In my view, the beach is the most perfect place to practice yoga, but if there is no beach nearby, then yoga is generally awesome. The reason I’m totally crazy about strand yoga is because of the sea; There is nothing more beautiful and refreshing a fresh sea air and the sound of the ocean. Every time I have grown beach yoga, I get a feeling of being completely “reset” and filled with new energy and vitality.

I have to admit that I did not really like the combination of yoga and sand to start with, but now I’m fine with the sand. So maybe you should also give the sand and beach yoga a couple of chances before you decide if it’s something for you. Even though we use the base / towel / scarf for many of the positions, it can’t be avoided coming into contact with the sand. Here are my tips for beach yoga equipment:

Do not use a yoga mat

The combination of yoga mat and sand is very unfortunate and the non-slip effect disappears anyway when sand is on your hands and yoga mat, leaving the yoga mat at home and finding a towel or scarf that approx. is the size of a yoga mat.

Take clothes after the weather

It’s easier said a done! And the weather on the beach can easily be different from the city, often there will be more wind on the beach and maybe a bit colder, so bring extra clothes so you can take clothes on and off as needed. In fact, I think it’s most enjoyable to grow beach yoga in long or ¾ tights / pants. The ground is sandy; it may be unpleasant for the skin on the legs, because there is no surface underneath. It is of course a taste, so try it out. You can get quality yoga clothes provided by Ana Heart Yoga Shop.

Put your hair up if you have long hair

I think that generally applies to yoga (and other sports), but especially to beach yoga, here is also the wind that can tease and with hair flying around, it can be hard to concentrate on yoga.

Remember a large drinking bowl filled with water

There are no taps on the beach. However, there is the possibility of filling the drinking bowl in the small toilet booth or on the bridges where there are water hoses. It is extra important to drink well with water before, (under) and after beach yoga, especially when it is hot.

Sunglasses, maybe

There are pros and cons of wearing sunglasses for beach yoga. I usually turn around so you look away from the sun and do not get dazzled, but if you have delicate eyes try sunglasses, maybe it will not work in all yoga positions and you need to choose a pair that are stuck.

Sunscreen, always

This point should almost be No. 1, because it is super important, though it does not directly matter with yoga. Remember sunscreen, especially at the beginning of the season, where it may be tempting to escape the sunscreen because the pale winter skin may well use a little color. You can easily have a nice suit with sunscreen on.