What Type Of Football Gear Do NFL Players Wear

In medieval times, tournaments are held in honor of the king and for recreational purposes. The knights (sometimes, noblemen) try to prove their honor by defeating their opponents, and one of the most critical elements of their battle is their armor. Football, in many ways, is like a tournament during the medieval times and with the National Football League (NFL) opening in September, let’s take a look at what NFL players wear:


Similar to baseball and basketball, the jersey is considered the namesake, the flag carrier and the unique mark of a team. It normally just has the player number stamped front and back, a little bit snug and fit to most football players but should be big enough to cover the shoulder pads.

In NFL, the position identifies the player number that will be assigned to you. Quarterbacks/Kickers are assigned 1-19 and receivers, 10 to 19 or 80 to 89. Other ranges are assigned for running backs/defensive backs, linebackers, offensive linemen and defensive linemen.

NFL teams have built their reputation and history based on their players or the statistics of the games they played. The jersey, along with the tights is considered the uniform.

Head Gear

Head gear is a very critical protective gear worn together with accessories protection, comfort, and aesthetics/reinforce brand/inspire team spirit.

Face masks may be detachable but are necessary. It has two types: open-caged and closed-caged and is also based on the player’s position in the game.

Visors are also called eyeshield because the primary purpose is to protect the players’ eyes against sunlight. May also be used as a strategy so that opponent cannot see from players’ eyes which direction he would go. Nike visor is one of the best brands out there.

Chin straps are needed to keep the helmet in place

Pads or air-filled interior pockets: Assist in impact resistance and prevent serious concussions. The air-filled interior pockets may also help in keeping the helmet snug on a player’s head.

A mouth guard is an add-on, secured by a clamp attached to the bottom bar of the face mask, used to protect teeth and prevent players from biting their tongue.

A transmitter is also an add-on. May be needed for a coach to communicate instructions before signing it over the rest of the team.

Concussion Protection

Similar to how pads protect the head from impact and concussions, pads on various parts of the body do the same. The size of shoulder pads covers the shoulders and the chest area being the next most critical protective gear for players. Other pads that NFL players wear are elbow pads, hip pads, thigh pads, knee pads and tail pads.

Other Protective Equipment

NFL players wear cleats. Formally referred to as football boots with cleats, these optimize a player’s performance. Cleats refer to small protrusions that help keep the feet rooted or clamped on the ground, especially during muddy or wet weather. They can be external add-ons for football boots or already included. The length of the cleat may depend on what is the position of the player during the game.

Players also wear gloves to protect their hands and improve the catch. Quality gloves will improve player’s performance.