What Skills do Great CEOs Possess


The job role of a CEO is a highly pressurized position which involves the need for a wide range of skills in order to successfully head up a company. It isn’t important whether the CEO is chief of the board of a small company or a multi-billion dollar global enterprise, the requirements are still the same, it is just the stakes which are bigger.

CEOs across the World from those on the digital side of things like Mark Zuckerberg to those in the automotive industry like Robert Bassam all possess a similar skill set which has taken them to where they are and helps them to be able to operate at such a high level and today we are going to have a look at what exactly those skills are.

Leadership Skills

At the basis of every skill set that every CEO on the planet has is core leadership skills, the ability to head up a team or a project, the skills to fully engage those around them and the qualities which make people want to give them responsibility. No CEO has ever succeeded without these basic skills which make them leaders.


CEOs need to always be looking forward, thinking of new and exciting ways to go about their business and to push their organization into new areas of growth. Most CEOs will display this forward-thinking attitude form an early age and constantly seek to push the envelope of success. Being a visionary is not only about seeking creative ways to grow, it is also about planning for the future and ensuring the the company is fully prepared for whatever the future may have in store for them, good or bad.

Decision Making

One of the core roles within a CEOs job is to be able to take decisions, important decisions and to be able to do so with a high level of accuracy. Being a great decision maker is not about being able to make the right choices alone, it is about taking all things in to consideration and making a choice once all of the facts and opinions have been thought about. Many think that CEOs are head strong radicals who operate alone but this simply isn’t true, the best decision makers are the ones who know where to go for advice and how to deduce the facts.

People Person

No chief executive officer has ever arrived at their position after a making a career of being rude to people or being an island. In order to get the dizzying heights of CEO, one must be humble and have great communication skills, one should also have strong levels of empathy and be able to give and command respect from peers, colleagues and clients.

Being a CEO is not something that many of us have the skills, the wherewithal nor the attitude to do, it is for this reason that they are so handsomely rewarded when it comes to salary. If however, you possess these core skills that we have talked about and you are hungry for success then why not shoot for the stars and try to steer your career in the direction of becoming a CEO!