What Medical Conditions Might CBD Be an Effective Treatment?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant, and its effects when consumed have customers raving about the benefits. Many studies into CBD’s potential for treating conditions like social anxiety and insomnia are being performed, and the FDA has already approved a specially formulated CBD product to treat certain types of severe epilepsy. Unlike smokable marijuana, which contains the compound THC that produces the distinctive “high,” CBD doesn’t contain any more than trace amounts of THC (less than .3%) and doesn’t have an intoxicating effect. While research into CBD’s specific medical applications is still ongoing, let’s go over five medical conditions for which CBD may be an effective treatment.

  1. Epilepsy

Epilepsy patients have talked about their positive experiences with CBD for years, and finally, the research is starting to back up their testimonials. Epidiolex, as of right now, remains the only FDA-approved prescription drug containing CBD, and it’s recommended for use to treat seizures in those with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. A recent study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that CBD reduced the incidence of seizures in patients with LGS. Given all this, the link between epilepsy treatment and CBD appears to be stronger than ever.

  1. Social Anxiety

There are hundreds of ongoing studies focused on the effects of CBD on neuropsychiatric disorders, but anecdotally, patients rave about the effects of CBD on their stress and anxiety. One journal, Neurotherapeutics, wrote in October 2015 that CBD has “considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.” A second study, published in 2015 in the Journal of the American Society for Experimental Neurotherapeutics, said that preclinical evidence “strongly supports” CBD as a treatment for disorders like PTSD, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and seasonal affective disorder.

  1. Myocarditis

Acute myocarditis, which is a disease that results in inflamed heart muscles, is another condition where CBD has shown promise in treatment. While CBD may help make myocarditis patients more comfortable, myocarditis research into the more lethal effects of the disease is ongoing. The Myocarditis Foundation even offers research grants for professionals who want to perform further heart disease research but do not have the resources. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are what give researchers hope. A study in the European Journal of Pain showed in an animal model that CBD could reduce arthritic inflammation, and others have given scientists more insight into the mechanisms that make this work.

  1. Tinnitus

Tinnitus, a condition that causes the patient to perceive noise or ringing in their ears, may also be aided by CBD-based treatment. Tinnitus patients often experience mental health issues, so CBD’s anxiety-reducing properties can provide an answer for patients who are struggling. If you do suffer from tinnitus, natural tinnitus treatments like CBD and sound-based therapy can be incredibly helpful. The Sound Relief Hearing Center, for example, designs customized sound therapy plans based on each patient’s individual needs. Sound therapy is essentially a process by which specific, relaxing sounds are used to rewire the brain. Expanding our conception of what types of treatments can provide relief for complex medical conditions may lead to new forms of relief that help patients everywhere.

  1. High Blood Pressure

JCI Insight published a study in July 2017 that demonstrated that in men 19 to 29 who were nonsmokers with no experience using cannabis, CBD reduced resting blood pressure by 6 millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Lowering your mmHg levels is associated with lowering stroke risk. This response, they concluded, was due to CBD’s anxiolytic and analgesic effects.

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It’s still too early in the research process for us to fully understand CBD’s medical applications, but what researchers have learned so far demonstrates that it has the potential to provide widespread relief for the symptoms of many different medical conditions. Medicine can sometimes be slow to adapt to new treatment options, especially with CBD given its previous status as a scheduled substance, but the research is starting to support what CBD users have claimed for a long time.