What is Woke Bingo?

Woke Bingo is a pretty new concept that you may or may not have already come across in your bingo games journey and experience. Nevertheless, it’s a new concept, so what exactly does it mean? First of all, let’s start with the word Woke, a word favoured amongst millennials universally.

The word woke can mean different things in different contexts, but this article is based on bingo games, so for the sake of this context woke will mean political correctness here. But how and why does being woke apply to bingo games?

Woke Bingo is Less Offensive

There are many calls in bingo which arguably, don’t quite belong in the times we live in. Body-shaming and other divisive language can be heard in bingo games, and that’s because the traditional calls are enshrouded in this language.

Bingo has been around for a long time, but some argue that’s no reason to stick to offensive call-outs. However, of course many others don’t agree. For example, Blake Robson, a 12-time winner of Bingo Caller of the Year, talking to The Sun, said: “It would be a real shame to see traditional calls disappear […] Bingo is part of Britain’s tradition.”

What Woke Bingo Means for the Future of Bingo Games

A widespread change in something as loved and popular as bingo games will always divide opinions. However, in another context being Woke does mean being open to change, as you have woke up to the new idea. Woke bingo will mean that bingo UK would change a little in terms of what people will hear in the bingo games halls and online bingo chat rooms.

This is something not everybody will be prepared for. But is that really a huge deal? Things might seem different at first, but it just means you’ll have to learn what each woke expression is in relation to the traditional versions. If nothing else, the woke bingo terms used in bingo games are a lot kinder, and that can only be a good thing, right?

Woke Bingo Terms to Learn

Whether we like it or not, woke bingo terms are set to become big news in the world of online bingo and bingo games in general. Even if it’s not, perhaps you just want to be in the know about these terms, or might want to start implementing them yourself. Read on to find out about some fun expressions already doing the rounds in the online bingo realm, as reported by a popular online bingo provider.

#1 Two Fat Ladies, 88 becomes

Wills and Kate, 88, of course! This is a fun addition to bingo games, and Wills and Kate paint much prettier imagery don’t you think?

#2 Time for Tea, 83 becomes

Gluten-free, 83! We’re not sure what’s not woke about tea either, but we won’t argue with this one. If nothing else, the new terms are a nice jovial change and we’d be happy to see them in action!