Guide To Pool Fence Styles & Materials Like Mesh

Have you recently installed a pool in your backyard? As much as homeowners enjoy this source of entertainment, most of them can’t help but worry about safety. Children and pets are particularly challenging to look after at the pool, due to their unpredictable behavior and high risk of accidents.

Therefore, fences have become indispensable safety features, restricting children and pets from gaining access to the pool. There is a huge variety of useful websites, such as, providing homeowners with a wide assortment of pool fences to choose from.

The following guide of fencing styles and materials will help you make the right choice.


The initial thing to consider is selecting the right fencing material, which directly affects the appearance and longevity of the structure. For instance, metal fences are considered as one of the most popular variants among homeowners owing to their long lifespan and low maintenance nature. You can either purchase a chain-link or a wrought-iron model, both of which are available for reasonable prices.

The former is designed to be more appealing, while the latter is appropriate for admirers of classic designs. The aluminum models are at the highest end of the price range due to their exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.

Wooden pool fences have gained popularity in recent years, particularly since many homeowners have turned them into DIY projects. Wood fencing can be purchased in a myriad of styles and shades, which can be repainted following the preferences of buyers. Although wood is known to be a highly durable material, you’ll be required to paint or stain it periodically to prolong its lifespan.

Vinyl pool fences are almost identical in appearance with the wooden models but require substantially less maintenance. Nevertheless, vinyl fencing is costlier when compared to wood, but it provides a longer lifetime of approximately 30 years. Visit this page to learn more about the pros and cons of vinyl fencing.

Homeowners looking for a sophisticated solution are recommended to select glass as fencing material. Glass fences unquestionably provide the most elegant design and longevity, enabling homeowners to create a perception of having a spacious pool.

Mesh fences are the ideal solution for individuals looking for better safety, especially for families with children. These models prevent children from crawling under or climbing over the barrier, thus minimizing the risk of accidents.

Anyhow, the mesh is supposed to be of high quality in order to stop children from coming near the pool. Make sure you purchase a model with polyester or vinyl coating for better maintenance. Such coatings are easy to clean and not susceptible to mold.


Another factor to take into account when hiring concrete pool specialists is the style of the structure. The most common models provide flat top style, featuring multiple vertical bars that connect at the top and the bottom with the help of horizontal bars.

Moreover, double top fences are almost identical to the flat top variants, except for the extra horizontal bar, added at the top of the structure. This additional bar has no other purpose but to serve as a decorative element.

Ultimately, the wire style is preferred by many homeowners, as it provides incredible resistance against harsh weather conditions. The long lifespan of the wires results from the amazing durability and versatile properties of heavy-duty steel.

Height and ground clearance

The height is of tremendous importance when purchasing a pool fence, as it directly affects the safety of children. Make sure the one you purchase is at least four feet high so as to prevent toddlers from climbing over it.

Since children grow amazingly fast, parents are advised to select one of the highest models to avoid buying new structures over the years. Additionally, remember to check the minimum height requirements in your local area to comply with state laws.

Besides choosing a structure of the right size, it’s paramount to purchase one with no ground clearance. The higher the ground clearance the greater the risk of children and animals going under the barrier.

Bottom line

Safety is of crucial importance when having a pool.

Installing a safety structure minimizes the risk of accidents!