What is Delta 8 THC and why is it the future of cannabis products?

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you’re probably very familiar with THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis. This is the chemical that gets you “high” and it’s most common form is Delta-9-THC. Nowadays, people are shifting to alternatives to the traditional cannabinoid. You’ve probably heard of CBD being consumed by itself, and heard talk of different strains and chemicals being used in the cannabis industry for example on: https://www.canadacannabisdispensary.ca/product-category/concentrates/

Why Delta 9 isn’t great 

We all know about THC’s medicinal properties. People use it to treat insomnia, give themselves an appetite, calm their anxiety, and it’s even been predicted in medications since the 1980s! But what about it’s downsides? We all probably know what it’s like to green out. Maybe you had a few more tokes than usual after a long break from use. Maybe you ate too much of an edible that sent you to the moon. Either way, you’ve felt it: The nausea, the paranoid feeling that you’re going to be high forever. The feeling that everything is spinning. It’s also notable that cannabis has gotten stronger over the years, and more many too much delta-9-THC consumption is a real issue, or at least a fear in the back of our heads.

Science’s new alternative: A small change 

Many people are sick of consuming a cannabinoid that is so potent and absorbable in the brain, and more are switching to Delta-8-THC. It’s almost identical to THC, with only a minor atomic difference between their composition. The difference is minimal, but for some users, it’s everything: Both get you high, but Delta-9 is more than twice as potent. That means it’s twice as easy to take too much. Most Delta-8 lovers say that it gives you a more chill, less anxiety inducing high. 

The nuanced difference 

Cannabis flower is a breeding ground for different chemicals called “cannabinoids” that affect how you feel. Scientists have discovered thousands, but the ones you’ve probably heard of are Delta-9-THC and CBD. Among these cannabinoids, plants produce small amounts of Delta-8-THC. Now that we have the ability to isolate it, one has the ability to consume just the  Delta-8 cannabinoid, which has a longer shelf life. 

How do I know if Delta 8 is right for me?

One of my favorite ways to consume and buy Delta 8 (or any isolated cannabinoid instead of smoked bud) is through edibles. If you are fond of the edible experience, this can be a great way try something a little more relaxed and easier on the come up. If you’ve never tried edibles and you’re looking for a start, Delta-8 is a great thing to try. Most people complain that the edible experience can have them feeling “too high” and that it’s easy to accidentally take way too much and be high for too long. When your liver processes Delta-8, it feels less like a mind bending psychosis, and more like the feeling you get after a few hours of smoking.