What is a Penis Pump? Are Penis Pumps Safe for Treating ED?

If you are using social media or the internet in general, you must have come across the word “penis pumps “ one way or the other. The internet these days has developed in a full-fledged global market, so many health websites have taken advantage of the platform to market different male-health products like penis extenders, penis enlargement pills, and penis pumps. But just in case you are wondering what a penis pump is, then you’ve come to the right place.

What Really Is A Penis Pump? 

In simple terms, a penis pump also known as a vacuum pump or an erection pump is a suction device created to help men with erectile dysfunction (ED) get and sustain a long-lasting erection to have a pleasurable sexual affair. The duration of the erection can last up to 30 minutes or more depending on the situation and the individual involved. So a person can choose if he wants to use it prior to foreplay or at the point of penetration. Some of the popular brands for penis pumps are Bathmate Hydromax, Penomet and Encore Deluxe.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a very common sexual condition prevalent in the male population all over the world. It is a situation whereby a man loses his ability to attain and maintain a penile erection long enough to satisfactorily indulge in sexual intercourse. Although the condition is grossly underrated because it’s non-terminal, many men who suffer from this ailment are dying inside and can’t even speak up about it because of the fear of being ridiculed and stigmatized. Hence, they prefer to keep the condition to themselves as a secret. Men who are diabetic patients are most likely to develop erectile dysfunction as their chances of getting it is three times higher. Some symptoms of erectile dysfunction may include reduced sexual urge, inability to attain penile erection, and difficulty in maintaining penile erection. So many factors can lead to erectile dysfunction, but top on the list is diabetes and premature ejaculation. Others can be divided into medical causes, psychological causes, and those that have to do with personal habits or lifestyles.

 Medical causes of erectile dysfunction include heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, clogged blood vessels, injuries to the arteries around the penis, etc. Psychological causes include depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, and stress. Some personal habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, drug abuse, sleep disorders, and masturbation or regular ejaculation can also increase the chances of developing erectile dysfunction. You can reduce the chances of developing Erectile dysfunction or impotence by avoiding alcohol and smoking cigarettes, doing regular exercise, proper dieting, sleep, etc. 

There are several treatments for erectile dysfunction some of which may include penile surgery or the use of pills and herbs, but the most popular is the use of penis pumps. This may be because penis pumps have been generally approved as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Are Penis Pumps Safe For Treating Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? 

Penis pumps function by causing an inflow of blood into the penis. This inflow of blood into the penis creates pressure which helps the patient gain erection. Now, although penis pumps have proven to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, they also have some side effects which includes:

  • Use of penis pumps can lead to Bruising and other severe injuries to the penis
  • If the constriction ring is too tight, it can cause discoloration, skin numbness, or a tingling sensation to the penis
  • Using penis pumps can have a psychological effect on the patient, like loss of self-confidence, as it can be embarrassing for a man to use penis pumps in the presence of his partner. This can lead to reduced sexual urge
  • Using penis pumps can cause painful erection as semen may be trapped, especially if the constriction ring is too tight.
  • Erection may not feel natural
  • Using penis pumps can cause penile blood vessels to burst. As a result, tiny red dots may be visible under the outer layer of the penis
  • Erection may not be as firm as it used to be, especially at the base of the penis.

Please note that it is not safe for men with blood clotting disorder to use penis pumps. This may lead to serious health complications like internal bleeding. Hence it is necessary to consult a medical professional before you use a penis pump. Also, make sure to use FDA-approved penis pumps. You can find high quality pumps at affordable prices on coupons and deal websites. But,you should make sure to buy the devices only from the official manufacturer’s website.