What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

If you are about to embark upon a new career or have recently switched positions then you may find yourself subjected to a 5 panel drug test. Generally speaking a 5 panel drug screen is in place to check to see if you have been honest when asked whether or not you have or do ingest illegal drugs. Naturally there are many employers who will want to know this, yet those in the construction, industrial and engineering worlds place a much higher emphasis on this, given the risks associated with the positions in those sectors.

This is widely considered as being the gold standard with regards to drug tests and here is what you will need to know about it.

What Will Be Tested?

Through the taking of blood and urine samples you will be tested for the presence of marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and methamphetamines/amphetamines. There will be multiple samples taken in order to avoid any mistakes being made and to ensure results which are both accurate and legally defensible.

Why Are Employees Tested?

Within positions where there is any sense of risk, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees are not under the influence at work. We have seen countless pieces of evidence produced regarding the widespread risk of anyone who is under the influence or who regularly uses illegal substances, and this is the reason behind the creation of the 5 panel drug test.

How Many Times Will You Be Tested?

These drug tests will happen on multiple occasions and the reason for this is to ensure that there is up to date information about the behavior of employees. Companies can choose to have pre-employment testing, post-incident testing as well as random testing. It is not enough that a business is happy with new employees, they also have to keep an eye on what the staff are doing during their time at the company.

Legality of Drug Testing

It will be written into your contract when you take on one of these positions that you will be working subject to the passing of a drug test. Furthermore the contract will stipulate that you will be subject to further tests throughout your time with the firm, including the possibility of random and post-incident tests should it be decided. Once you have signed such a contract, you will then be required to follow instructions if you are selected for a test, otherwise risk losing your employment.

Incorrect Results

Whilst every measure is taken to avoid false positives they do still occur and this is something which you will have a chance to contest. If you do have a positive which you know to be false then you will have the right to a second test before any disciplinary action is taken. There is also a case where the positive may be true, yet you have a medical reason for this happening, perhaps there are trace substances found in some types of medication. In this instance you would have to have proof from a medical professional of the medication you are on.

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