What are the best cities in Canada to spend a weekend in?

Given that Canada is such a vast country in regard to land mass, it is hardly a surprise that the North American country has a number of great cities that should be visited, especially with so many of them providing tourists with the opportunity to have a great weekend.

Indeed, many of the locations available can be rather versatile and provide visitors with a plethora of different things, with each province also providing a very different experience.

For instance, those who go to Ontario would be able to experience what living in the most-populous province is like and be able to experience some of the most iconic landmarks the region has to offer, including some of the best casinos. Although many may have enjoyed the fact that when they play online, the live casino games are streamed live, there are many who will want to experience being at an establishment in-person instead.

In contrast, those who decide to go and visit Quebec will be able to immerse themselves into the French-part of the country, where they will certainly be able to experience a completely different way of living compared to those in Ontario.

However, what are the best cities to enjoy a weekend stay in?


For many, Toronto will immediately be considered one of the major cities that will be deemed as a destination that someone needs to enjoy a weekend in.

Despite not being the country’s capital, it is one of the biggest tourist hotspots that is currently available. This could be perhaps down to the landmarks that can be found in the location, including the CN Tower.

The skyscraper is one of the most memorable and instantly recognisable buildings around the world and also has the incredible ability to ensure that the city’s skyline is instantly identifiable by everyone who sees it.

The CN Tower, which has been described by some to be “One of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World”, stands at a height of 1,815 feet (553.2 meters) and every inch of the building is as impressive as the other.

There are, though, a variety of different things to do within Toronto, other than sightseeing, with a number of sports teams located in the city that can be watched, whilst a host of entertainment venues and an excellent nightlife can also be boasted.


Montreal is another city that needs to be considered one of the best destinations in Canada to spend a weekend in. Indeed, the city is one of the most populous and it has a variety of different things to explore and do.

There are a host of attractions that can be visited whilst the city is radiating with culture as a number of festivals take place throughout each year. Additionally, hundreds of different art exhibitions take place, whilst food lovers will certainly enjoy their time in Montreal as the cuisine caters to all tastes!


Calgary is located in the heart of The Rockies and is a popular destination for winter enthusiasts, as they will be able to participate in a variety of different activities whilst staying in this Alberta-based location.

The Calgary Stampede is an iconic festival that takes place here, whilst those that enjoy the outdoors can also visit in the summer and take a stroll through the stunning Prince’s Island Park.


Ottawa is the capital of Canada and can be considered to be an excellent city to stay a weekend in, as it will provide visitors with a plethora of different things to do whilst they are there. There is always a festival that can be attended, whilst there is the possibility of seeing a number of iconic political buildings including parliament.