Wedding Planning During the Pandemic: What to Know When Adjusting Your Plans

If the Coronavirus pandemic has caused you to reschedule your wedding, chances are you’re feeling very overwhelmed right now. Planning a wedding requires a lot of meticulous detail, and when your wedding gets postponed, you may feel that you have to start the planning process all over again. But no matter the circumstances, planning a wedding should be a fun and exciting time for you and your future spouse, as long as you are organized. Here are some things to know when adjusting your wedding plans during the pandemic.

The number of guests.


Unfortunately, you may not be able to invite the same number of people to your pandemic wedding that you had originally planned. Now, for health and safety reasons, there are state-wide limits for larger gatherings. Plus, there are also socially distant modifications you’ll have to adhere to, so it is important to have serious conversations when it comes to deciding who to invite or not. If it is absolutely crucial that you invite everyone you originally had in mind, consider postponing.

Purchase everything now.


We live in fragile times, where a COVID outbreak can happen at any time. While most people are staying home in a means to flatten the curve, with kids going back to school, there can be a new outbreak before we know it. So with this in mind, get all of your purchasing done now. This includes your cake, your centerpieces, your dress, and even your rings to be prepared just in case. It’s important to note that there may be new operating hours due to the pandemic, so before you go, do a Google search for locations in the area, such as ” jewelers in baltimore” and the like to see updated availability.

Invest in wedding insurance.


Yes, wedding insurance is a thing! This investment will protect you from losing money all over again in case things go awry and you have to postpone. Again, nothing is guaranteed during the pandemic, so you have to have an open mind when it comes to setting realistic expectations about a wedding at the end of 2020 or somewhere during 2021. Consider looking into multiple different plans of wedding insurance so you can have peace of mind that you are covered in these uncertain times.

Treat yourself.


All of this last-minute planning is exceptionally stressful, so don’t forget to treat yourself and invest in some self-care. Don’t forget about yourself during this time, and buy something that can cheer you up as a little reward for all this hard work! Heading to the spa or the lingerie store can help you feel refreshed and ready to plan with a clear head.

Go virtual with your vendors.


It is important to socially distance, and luckily enough there are plenty of technology options available so you can continue to plan with your vendors without meeting in person. Because everything is up in the air right now, you’ll want to communicate with your vendors even more than you were before. Make it a habit of scheduling Zoom or FaceTime calls with your vendors on a regular basis so you can not only see how they are progressing with your requests, but you can communicate any event changes that they need to know.

Consider changing your colors.


If you are having your wedding in a different season than originally planned, your color scheme may not work anymore. Take a look at what you planned in terms of floral arrangements, bridesmaids dress colors, and decor and see if what you picked out will “work” for the new season you’re in.

Planning your wedding during a pandemic doesn’t have to be stressful, as long as you keep a clear head and remember the outcome of the situation: you will be marrying the love of your life!