Ways to Make Money Working from Home

Becoming a dog-sitter through Rover.com is an incredible, flexible way to make

money from home.

Dog owners are looking for the personalized, one-on- one care that you can provide

for their pets. Supplement your income in your spare time, in your own home, by

boarding pets overnight.

To get started, you’ll set up a profile; have a background check conducted; and

customize your rates, services, and availability. The process is simple and

streamlined, with tons of support and tips from Rover.com to help you launch a

stellar dog-sitting enterprise.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A Dog-Friendly Home

Be sure to dog-proof your home, blocking access to any off-limit rooms or areas. If

you have a secure backyard, consider installing a doggy door for ease of access.

Relevant Experience

If you haven’t been a dog owner yourself, consider volunteering at a local shelter or

making friends at the dog park. You can also read up on training tips, pet care

advice, and information about medical emergencies. The site will guide you through

all the info you need!

A Great Profile

If writing isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry—the Rover experts can even help you

finesse your profile to bring in more customers.

A Winning Attitude

You want owners to feel comfortable with you right away, and trust you from the

moment you meet. Be curious, engaged, and open with the owner and their pet. It’s

okay to show your playful side! Ask all the questions you need to ask in order to be

fully prepared. Confidence will go a long way!


Whatever services you choose to provide, be reliable. Ask the owner to outline all

their expectations—and follow through. Maintaining consistency and earning great

reviews will help you to raise your rates and increase your bookings over time.

Spending time with dogs will make you happier, and improve your life! You get to

help owners gain peace of mind, provide dogs with a great time, and make spare

cash all at the same time. What’s not to love.