Uniqueness And You – How Unique Are You?


It’s no secret that everyone wants to be unique and stand out in some way, but have you ever considered just how unique you are? Sure, personality goes a long way to creating uniqueness in individuals, but what about physical traits that make you unique? For example, did you know that blue eyes only occur in 12 in 25 people and that people with blue eyes are actually linked to the same common ancestor – someone who experienced a gene mutation thousands of years ago? That’s pretty cool isn’t it, and also makes someone with blue eyes pretty unique, but green eyes are even more unique due to their presence being dependent on melanin and light conditions! That’s pretty awesome, right?

What about something like knowing how to swim? According to studies, researchers have found that a whopping 6 in 7 people know how to swim, with millions of Americans wanting to learn how, but others being perfectly happy without ever stepping foot in a pool. That makes knowing how to swim pretty common and those who don’t know how to swim pretty unique in terms of activities or skills learned or enjoyed. Being unique truly comes in a number of flavours and styles.

Uniqueness is something that can be achieved through interests in different things and enjoying the variety of things available throughout our world in terms of foods, drinks, games, activities and more. Personalities are all unique in their own ways, making each person’s personality a bit different in some ways to everyone else’s, but does uniqueness stop there? Definitely not! People can be unique in a number of ways, sizes, situations, background and more. So how are you unique? Check out this awesome infographic below for some truly interesting stats about uniqueness in both physical traits as well as activities and health!

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