Unexpected uses of bingo cards around the world

We are not sure many serious gambling analysts would have ever expected the game of bingo to skyrocket to the level of popularity it is currently enjoying, in fact bingo is rarely even mentioned in the same breath as other casino games like poker, however these days it is one of the most popular ones available. The world is waking up to the wonders of bingo it seems, something that would not have been possible without online bingo in particular. 

But the great thing about bingo too is the fact that it can be used for far more things than simply gambling. The bingo game wasn’t really used for gambling purposes at all in 1800s Germany, for example, instead being rolled out across schools in order to help pupils get to grips with things like mathematics. Read ahead for an article exploring some unexpected uses of bingo cards around the world. 

Exciting drinking games

We know we said unexpected, but surely most people won’t be too surprised to learn that bingo is regularly used to aid in things like drinking games, something that is especially visible within the younger generation. It isn’t hard to imagine how this would work either, with the most popular case being that scorecards hold different drinks instead of numbers, and if yours are pulled you will have to drink them. 

Over the last half a decade there has also been a dramatic increase in the number of bingo related club nights happening, especially in the UK. There are several versions of bingo drinking games available at these events. 

Charity fundraiser events 

One purpose other than gambling that bingo has been used for time and time again is in the realm of charity fundraiser events, as the game is a great way to get people donating money and playing a fun game out of it too. 

In fact, some of the most popular celebrities from over the years have gone to bingo fundraiser events and helped to raise a lot of charitable donations in the process. 


As we have mentioned already, bingo played a big part in the education of German school kids during the 1800s, as teachers quickly realised that it was the perfect game to teach mathematics with, as well as other subjects too. Whilst bingo is definitely more of a gambling game in the 21st century, it is still used extensively in schools across the world to help school children. 

And it isn’t just maths that bingo can help with. The famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is said to have learnt English with the aid of bingo when he first made the move to Manchester United as a teenager. 

A tool to distract from anxiety 

Being in social spaces like airports, train stations or supermarkets can be a monumental task for serious anxiety sufferers, and playing a game of travel bingo can greatly help to take your mind off of this. It is something that parents love about bingo in particular.