Travel Tips for Aspiring Influencers

These days, it seems like everyone wants to become an influencer, which makes perfect sense. What’s not to want? Influencers get to see the world, taste the finest foods and drinks, and live a life of luxury. Whether it’s a day trip to a nearby destination, a beach day getaway in the summer months, or taking a boat tour to a cave or cliffs, influencers do all of the things the rest of us dream of. Becoming one takes time, effort, determination, and a lot of self-love and confidence. Below you’ll find a few tips to move towards your influencer dreams.

Buy a quality camera.

I major part of becoming an influencer is providing quality content. Nobody wants to see blurry selfies or hazy pictures of your sunset cruise. Invest in a product which provides clear and quality images of a Benagil cave or your boat tour to the Algarve coast. Make sure you can take a really good selfie with your camera so that your audience can see your beautiful lashes as you smile and bat your eyes.

Pick a destination.

This is another important element, especially if you want to be a travel blogger. Go to the coastline and have a beach BBQ, take a gratuitous trip to a Benagil cave and take a cave tour, or consider yacht charters with a few of your friends for a crazy weekend. If you are strapped for cash, there are plenty of hidden beauties in this world that won’t break your bank to get there. If you save a little money selecting a less expensive destination, you’ll have a little money left over to buy a sweet pair of magnetic lashes to glam up your pictures, take a fun boat tour, or try parasailing and other activities that will draw attention to your account. Consult TripAdvisor to figure out which places will be your best option. Knowing your destination will help you understand if you can afford that boat tour or surfing lesson.

Figure out how to get there.

This part might seem a little tricky, but don’t let it get the best of you. After all, you know you’ll do anything to make it work, even kayak to that beautiful beach. If you’re in Mediterranean area already, consider looking at yacht charters in the Vilamoura region. The best Vilamoura boat trips start at the Vilamoura marina, take you on a boat tour up the beautiful coastline, explore the many caves, and give you full day of activities of your choosing. A Vilamoura boat trip will make you feel like you are living a true life of luxury. Trust us, champagne cruises are a lot of fun.

Get the look.

Your look plays a huge role in how you’ll draw attention to your influencer account. One thing you’ll notice on almost any influencer you see is that their lashes just won’t quit. Not all of us are born with long lashes and have to opt for false lashes instead. That being said, traditional falsies applied with messy lash glue are an absolute pain to apply and lash extensions are expensive to maintain.

Luckily there is a solution to this issue that will eliminate the trouble of fake lashes and achieve the look of expensive eyelash extensions. Magnetic lashes are breaking the internet with their revolutionary concept of magnetic liner and magnetic strips on the lash band, perfect for first time users. All you have to do is apply the magnetic eyeliner on the lash line — preferably on top of a liquid liner or other liner of your choice — and place your magnetic eyelashes on top of the magnetic liner, gently pressing it to the eye for complete magnetic contact. These lashes are perfect for either beginners or expert lash wearers. If you’re feeling unsure about the safety of this product, remember that all makeup products are FDA regulated and are therefore safe for their intended use.

Live in the moment.

Don’t forget that this is the most important part. Yes, content is important, but your audience will know what is authentic and what is staged for the sole purpose of producing content. You want to show the world that you’re living your best life and inspire them to do the same so make sure you go on excursions that excite you — that authenticity will shine through to your followers.