Traffic Congestion Could Be Reduced with the Adoption of Motorcycles

Traffic Congestion Could Be Reduced with the Adoption of Motorcycles

If you live in any major city in Europe or any other part of the world, then you know that traffic congestion can be a major issue. In fact, most city dwellers often rank traffic as their biggest hindrance. However, there exists a solution. Riding a motorcycle to and from work daily can save you hundreds of hours a year. Not only are motorcycles cheaper, compared to cars, but their insurance and maintenance are also cheaper.

A Small Reduction Would Make a Huge Difference

According to a 2012 study done by the Belgian consultancy Transport and Mobility in Leuven, if just 10 percent of private car owners switched to scooters and motorbikes, congestion would drop by 40%. It was also found that if 25% of the population started using motorcycles congestion would be eliminated forever. The study took place on a stretch of road between Leuven and Brussels. While there are many other factors that lead to congestion the study shows there is a clear benefit to using MCs.

Get Yourself a Bike

A lot of traffic is theoretically good since it shows that people have jobs and places to go. However, traffic gridlocks also come with a cost. It slows down the delivery of goods and leads to reduced productivity for an economy. Another reason to use MCs is the reduced wear and tear on roads. MCs have less weight and thus, the roads will last longer. With time, it will mean fewer taxes being collected to fix the roads. Combined with laws banning old MCs, it will ensure that the adoption of motorbikes leads to reduced pollution. Besides that, the study in Belgium showed that parking would increase by 20 percent if 10 percent of the population used MCs, a major headache for most people.

Fixing Bikes is Easier Too

In some cases, a car could take weeks to fix one part since they have such complex engines. However, MCs have simple engines. In most cases, all it requires is a new part from a reliable store such as XLmoto and it is good to go again. Most of the parts are cheap and they will not cost you too much even when the insurer does not cover you fully. With a good insurer, you will never have to worry about the cost of running a motorbike. You can cut down costs, even more, when you use an electric hybrid MC.