Top Global Destinations to Study International Business

If you are looking for a top business education you need to go to a top business school, in an ever inter-connected world students are turning towards global education as a way to understand global trade flows.

If you are looking for a global education choose an international business school in Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the most globalized cities world renowned for being a hub for business and trade. Barcelona is a mix of all international cultures and is where all of the continents meet. Easily accessible from anywhere in the world, Barcelona is a top location to study but Barcelona is not just all work, as a cultural hub there are also lots of things to see and do.

New York draws students from all over the world to study international business and provides a great international environment although many students find the city very expensive and teaching is from a very “Anglo-American” perspective. While some students look for this, many students seek a truly global education taking advantage of many perspectives.

There are many destinations within Europe which draw students; London, Edinburgh and Paris are all massive hubs for Business education but none of them are able to offer the massive benefits which Barcelona brings. Many of these cities are massively expensive and require large amounts of savings to live within. Global cities are easy to get to from anywhere in the world and present fantastic opportunities to travel from.

Many students are drawn by emerging markets to countries that are quickly developing such as Russia or China although these countries do not have established educational systems. While you might get good experience from working within these economies your education will not be as good. Emerging economies do present very cheap options to study although the internships may not provide you with the results you desire. Many emerging economies are great to work on but do not offer excellent educational opportunities.

There are many top places to study international business and your choice will effect the education you receive. Take time to research your destination to ensure you make the best choice possible. If you want to find the best location for you, you must find out where is the place that offers what you want. An international business degree and education will bring massive benefits to your life and career, getting a good one is key to getting the start you want.