Things You Have To Know About Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is not properly understood by most people. It is really important that you learn all that you can about the procedure so you are aware of the possibilities that are available for you. Also, keep in mind that breast reconstruction is surrounded by numerous myths. This is why you should be aware of the following things.

Breast Reconstruction Is Not A Boob Job

There is a huge difference between the person that chooses to get plastic surgery done in order to enhance breast size or change shape and the person that goes through prophylactic surgery or mastectomy. A procedure is life-saving and the other one is completely elective. It is important to understand this distinction since there are people that choose to go through breast reconstruction procedures simply because they need it.

Breast reconstruction is meant to restore shape completely or partially removed. This can be done with body tissue or implants. After a mastectomy for instance, there is no breast tissue that remains and the implants are placed behind chest muscles.

A Procedure Does Not Fit All People

Whenever talking about something like cancer treatment, it is important to understand the fact that there is no one thing that will be suitable for everyone. So many factors have to be considered in order to choose the very best method for a specific individual. The best plastic surgeons also help patients by guiding their choices. They tell them what options are available so that proper choices can be made at the end of the day. Also, remember that matching breast sizes and shapes is much easier said than done.

Breast Reconstruction Is Not The Only Option

When going through cancer treatment, breast reconstruction does not stand out as a mandatory procedure. There are women that do not want to have breast reconstructed. They end up choosing something else, like a full chest tattoo. This is completely understandable since going through the physical and mental exhaustion associated with cancer treatment cannot be underestimated. Breast reconstruction also puts stress on the body.

Nipples Are Difficult

When referring to breast cancer treatment, nipples are not spared as they are attached to breast tissues and can become cancerous. After the breast reconstruction procedure the breast is left to settle for a minimum of three months in order to have the areola and the nipple placed in an appropriate position. The nipple requires a different reconstruction method. Adding it to the breast is done during a second meeting with the plastic surgeon.

The Waiting Game

Women that need breast reconstruction procedures done need to be ready to deal with pretty lengthy waiting times. This is especially the case in the event the private clinics cannot be used since there is not enough money available. If you need to get help from the government to afford the breast reconstruction procedure, you have to be ready for the wait. The procedure is quite complicated and you are going to be faced with several possible problems.