The Best Fireplace Tool Sets

A fireplace can really bring a home together by providing a warm, comfortable place for you and your family to relax beside. However, a fireplace does require wood to be burned in order to keep the fire going, and to make sure the wood is in the fire and burning you may need a selection of fireplace tool sets from the professionals at Pilgrim Home and Hearth to keep the fire stoked and keep you comfortable, happy and relaxed in your home.

Tools to Keep the Fire Burning

Pilgrim Home and Hearth has provided America’s favorite fireplace tools for the past 65 years, with a lifetime guarantee in a variety of styles and materials in one of the largest and most extensive selection of fireplace tools and accessories in the entire world. You can find the perfect accessories for your own personal fireplace, or for providing as a gift to someone who has an interest in their fireplace.

The range of fireplace sets come with all of the necessary cleaning and maintenance tools for your fireplace, mostly consisting of a toolset of a shovel, poker, broom and tongs in a sturdy metal stand to hold all of the tools neatly and keep them organized in a proper place that matches your homes’ aesthetic.

All of the accessories and tools for your fireplace come available in a range of the finest materials for the assurance of a long-lasting, high quality service. With finishes from matte black, vintage iron, brass, nickel and other metals you can get the perfect accessories, and further change the look with many choices of handles from black, iron, brass and brushed steel including different shapes and sizes – and all coming with a lifetime guarantee.

Pilgrim Home and Hearth make it a very simple process to find the best accessories and tools near you, with over 750 dealers and distributors throughout North America and shipments available across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe and the UK.

You are also able to find hundreds of other products from Pilgrim available in addition to fireplace tools, including other fireplace accessories such as screens, wood holders, hearth rugs, grates, bellows, fire pits and wood carts. Enough accessories to create a perfect fireplace setup for your home.

If you have any inquiries or questions, including specific requests, about any and all fireplace products then Pilgrim make it very simple to get into contact with them and will be very welcoming and quick at getting back to you to hear any feedback you may have to help ensure the perfect personal experience and give you the highest quality of customer satisfaction.

So if you have any interest in getting a perfect fireplace for your home or for a close friend, consider the high quality and excellent accessories available from Pilgrim Home and Hearth, and make your home fireplace feel more complete and help you be comfortable, happy and relaxed in your home.