The heart just skipped a beat

“Always together never apart, maybe in the distance, but never in heart” these beautiful lines hit extra hard if you feel it till the bottom of your heart. The distance can be hard to cover, especially when it’s your feelings, love and special ones at the other end. While times may have brought some hardships for you, this festive season, turn all odds into your favour with extra love, extra effort and extra blessings.

The modern era has curbed some problems and eased a lot of pathways. From video calls to online shopping, sending parcels or flying to destinations, every errand has become more comfortable with technology. Not only can personal agendas be completed with efficiency, but involving your favourite peeps and inheriting surprises in the party plans has become the new hit.

All parties have a similar format. Presents, food, the blessings of older people and kids hopped up on sugar. Making it unique for your loved one’s can be a bit of a hassle. Your special one of a person deserves a special one of a party. Being the reason for someone’s happiness is a feeling you can’t thank enough. All sounds appealing, but how will you implement it? High spirits are the first key; rest is all sorted. Considering the fact that your loved one is at a far-far distance and you are in utter love with them, you have to do something that defeats the space.

A mother far from her son, a wife from her husband, a brother from her sister is missing them badly. No reason is strong enough to make you skip a chance of expressing your heart. While the party arrives, why don’t you start sending your little parcels like deliveries from heaven? For instance, your family is already putting up a blast in a beautiful city like Pune, there aren’t many things they will miss apart from you, and that’s what you have to negate.

In the midst of all things going on at the party, wildly when it is trending to cut multiple cakes, let one of them be your gift. Search for online cake delivery in Hyderabad and choose the best of options. Be sure to know the favourite flavour not for them to eat but to click a nice picture while the cake is all over their face. Can’t let them go that easy. It’s the moments that stay, not the things. In your case, hopefully, it will be the gesture that remains and not the anger.

Now time for some other add-ons that help you outshine all other presents.

  • Don’t wait for fate.

One day you will reunite all will be back in the hay, but until then you can’t let a year go by. Please don’t wait for time; it won’t work for you. Make each year count, each minute of a special day is what keeps a smile and hope for a whole new year that’s about to come. Gifts and cake can be delivered; emotions should be conveyed. Remember to send along some wishes on a video call.

  • Force them to miss you

If you think they are having a great time without you, don’t let them go so smoothly. Ring phones, ping some messages let them know you are there in spirit and also on their front door with a lovely parcel delivered to them. You want to annoy them a little on their special day but ultimately hope for the best and make it happen too.

  • A little extravagant

Not the most immense possibility but along with your cake delivery you can send some tickets, so they fly to you or better yet get yourself parcelled in a carton, nothing can make them happier. There is no worldly thing that can overpower your presence. Sometimes just being there for your loved one’s does it all.

  • After pack-up

The celebration is done, everybody is off to their beds, but there’s still one thing that’s yet to come. It’s your gift. With specialized features that help you send parcels at whatever time of the day, make it surprising and excel all their expectations with a small twist.

“It’s easier said than done”, right but you are halfway through if you have at least made up your mind—a legit celebration with all loved ones even with those who are not closest in the distance. Be the talk of the party even if you’re not there. Make everybody jealous of the attention your online deliveries get. Be the showstopper. You don’t have to be the sweetest person, just sweet enough to tear up the extra special person of your life. Give them something to boast about the next day. Nothing less than a fare, that’s how we say it was ‘lit’.