The 5 Surprising Benefits of Masturbatio

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Masturbation isn’t something you can usually talk about in the open. While discussing it can be awkward in most situations, there are a wide array of science-backed benefits from masturbating at least once a week. Here’s a list of the benefits that masturbating can provide. There’s a good chance you’ll be surprised by most of them:

The potential for enhancing immunity

Currently, there is a limited number of studies suggesting a link between masturbation and immunity enhancement. While the results remain inconclusive, they still point towards a possible correlation. For one, researchers from the University Clinic of Essen found that sexual stimulation induces the production of white blood cells. Although the scope of the study was limited to 11 healthy adult men, the findings remain promising.

Skin health enhancement

It may seem far-fetched, but masturbation may help you attain healthier-looking skin. As a stress-relieving activity, masturbation may increase the production of oxytocin, a hormone that hunts down free radicals and slows down cell deterioration. Not only that but masturbation may ease your anxiety and lighten up your mood. It is no wonder why people appear fresh and young after sex!

Reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease

It is not true that orgasms can trigger a fatal heart attack if you have excellent cardiovascular health in the first place. For the most part, masturbation can actually decrease the chances of developing cardiac diseases. Keep in mind that relying only on masturbation doesn’t lower your risk. Still, you can treat it as part of your routine towards better heart health, along with regular exercise, ample sleep, and a balanced diet. After all, masturbation is not a cure-all, but it can help amplify other habits that are directly related to keeping yourself healthy.

Improving your performance in bed

Sex is all about giving your partner satisfaction as much as yourself. If you can’t seem to last long in bed with your partner, you can gain better control by masturbating at least an hour before the act. It’s also important to release any pent-up energy each day so you can perform better during a spontaneous one-night stand. Consider maximizing your private time by using a high-quality fleshlight or watching a VR nude scene. That way, don’t need to worry about having awkward conversations after sex.

Possible prevention against prostate cancer

Perhaps the most important benefit that masturbation can give is a reduced risk of prostate cancer. As a matter of fact, one study published in 2004 found that frequent masturbation could reduce cancer risk by a significant amount. While more research is needed to confirm this link, the findings provide exciting insights in preventing prostate cancer which affects less than 50,000 adult men per year.

Regardless of how frequently you do the act, masturbating can benefit your health in the long run. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a limit to everything. Masturbating too much can lead to self-injury and addiction, so it’s best that you avoid doing it more than once a day.