Teaching Your Kids to Donate to Charity is the Best Education You Can Give

Educating your kids about giving to charity is a rare gift that rewards them of a bright future. A heart that has learned to give is a rich one. Few people have set a precedent of giving to charity and are an inspiration to generations. For instance, renowned figure Andrew Carnegie spent half of his life making wealth, and the rest of his life-giving to charity.

Well, you may not be Andrew, and your kid will never be one, but they can grasp one important aspect from such a philanthropist. The most effective method to teach them is how to share with others. Sharing may assist them to understand what it means to donate to a charity better. You can practically start by asking them to share chocolate, toys, and much more.

Building a Giving Generation

Our society is too much focused on material things. However, the more they get the unhappier they become. So, when teaching your kids on how to be generous, let them understand the reason for donating. Help your children learn about giving with the very people at home, siblings or neighbors before introducing them to charities like Yad Ezra VShulamit. Make the process gradual and once they start doing it without feeling coerced to do so.

Probably you are a giver and are something you do it often. But do you let your children see that? Teaching your children is involving them in the process as you write the checks and making them understand why it is important to donate.

Share Touching Stories

It would be effective sharing of your past donations you made and how it impacted others. Tell them how you participated in fundraising as a student through your former school, scouts, class, church and more. When the story comes from you, it is something they can relate with and it is easier for them to participate. Sharing about past instances where you shared things with others or received a help is something that can help them know you as a person. Sharing not only see you as their role model but create a lasting impression to them in future.

Do the Giving Together

Allow your children to participate and feel how it is to give their time to a good cause. Instead of you packing the clothes boxes for children’s home alone, let them arrange the clothes, run the tape around, and put the address. It is fun, but their mind will never forget that act of kindness. If you do the donation once per month or whatever time is fit for you, make that moment a highlight for the whole family to participate. Ask them a question about what to give, and where to send your donations. Including them in decision making prepares them early to be responsible and good planners of such a good cause for the rest of their lives.

Praise the Process in their Presence

Words are powerful; you can change a heart by praising the giving act in their presence. Let them hear those beautiful words of kindness and even emotional ones as it gets inscribed on their mind forever. When you see them offer help to brothers/sisters let them hear you praise them for kindness.

Be Patient with Your Kids

The process of learning may be not an immediate one. Probably you teaching them, at first they may be reluctant to share their toys, time and money. But consistency is important for helping which can slowly thaw the reluctant spirit. Don’t forget your children may have accumulated selfish habits as they grow and undoing can take time. Therefore, it is a matter of reminding them every time until the action becomes part of their process. Some children have developed a sense of their own identity through possessing stuff. Teaching them something new after they have become so attached to items needs patient, and with time they may change. Children by nature are egocentric and it is a process to teach them to think of other’s needs.


Teaching your children the act of kindness through giving can model them to be responsible people in future. Giving is a way of showing love to others, and it can amplify your children heart of concern to those in need.