Star Jones net worth

Star Jones Net Worth: The View & Divorce Court Hosts Earnings!

Star Jones, a renowned attorney and television personality, has been a notable figure in the American media landscape for over two decades. Her journey to fame took a significant turn in 1997 when she joined ‘The View’ as one of its original co-hosts, a role that greatly contributed to her rising prominence. 

By 2024, at the age of 62, Star Jones has established herself as not only a respected legal expert but also a beloved television icon after taking over Faith Jenkins on the hit series ‘Divorce Court.’ 

Her career, which spans various spheres including law, television, and writing, has seen her collaborate with numerous high-profile figures and organizations. 

Star has been a legal correspondent for NBC News, covered high-profile trials, and even had her own court TV show, ‘Jones & Jury,’ marking her as the first Black person and first female arbitrator on TV. In addition to her television and legal work, Star is an author and has been involved in various philanthropic efforts.

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Star Jones Net Worth 

As of 2024, Star Jones’ net worth is estimated to be in the region of $18.5 million, a testament to her enduring presence in the realms of law and television. This impressive figure is reflective of her multifaceted career, spanning several decades as a respected attorney, TV host, and legal commentator. 

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Star Jones’ Main Income Sources 

The bulk of Star Jones’ income is derived from her extensive career in television and law. With her role as the presiding judge on ‘Divorce Court’ from 2020 to 2022 and her earlier tenure on ‘The View’, Jones has established herself as a major figure in the television industry. 

Her legal expertise and charismatic personality on screen have played a significant role in her financial success. In addition to her television roles, Jones has been a legal correspondent for major networks, covering high-profile cases and providing legal analysis, further contributing to her income.

Star’s ability to captivate audiences with her legal acumen and articulate commentary has made her a sought-after public speaker and author, leading to numerous speaking engagements and book deals. 

Her books, focusing on law, life, and personal empowerment, have not only gained critical acclaim but have also added to her financial portfolio.

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Star Jones’ Other Income Sources 

Apart from her primary income from television and legal commentary, Star Jones has diversified her revenue streams. She has made guest appearances on various TV shows and series, adding to her media presence and income. 

Her role as a writer and commentator in legal journalism also contributes to her overall earnings.

In addition to these adventures, Star Jones has been actively involved in various philanthropic and advocacy roles, particularly in health and women’s empowerment. 

While these activities may not directly contribute to her net worth, they enhance her public profile and influence, which indirectly supports her financial endeavors. 

Star’s multifaceted career in law, television, writing, and advocacy exemplifies her versatility and ability to generate income from multiple sources, solidifying her status as a financially successful and influential figure in both legal and entertainment circles.

Star Jones’ Social Media Accounts

Star Jones actively engages with her fans through various social media platforms. As of 2024, you can follow her updates and connect with her on her most active social media accounts:

Star Jones’ Personal Life, Stats & Facts

Starlet Marie Jones, known professionally as Star Jones, was born on March 24, 1962, in Badin, North Carolina. Raised in a modest family, her life’s journey reflects her resilience and determination. Star pursued her education with zeal, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Administration of Justice from American University, followed by a Juris Doctor from the University of Houston Law Center.

From a young age, Star was inclined towards law and public speaking, a passion that eventually shaped her career. Her career path has been marked by significant milestones, starting from her days as a prosecutor and assistant district attorney in Brooklyn, New York, to becoming a revered figure on television.

In her personal life, Star has faced her share of challenges and changes. She was previously married to Al Reynolds and has been vocal about her health and wellness journey, becoming an advocate for heart health after undergoing open-heart surgery.

Star Jones’ Rise to Fame

Star Jones’ career took off as a legal professional, where her skills in the courtroom were quickly recognized. Her transition to television was seamless, marked by her role as a co-host on ‘The View,’ which she held from 1997 to 2006. This stint on television opened up new avenues for her, and she became a household name in the United States.

Star’s foray into television was further enriched by appearances on various shows, and she continued to make her mark as a legal commentator. Her distinct style and articulate commentary have made her a sought-after figure in both legal and entertainment circles.

In recent years, Star Jones has expanded her role in the media, including participating in philanthropic work and authoring books, which have contributed significantly to her public image and professional legacy. Today, Star Jones is recognized as much for her legal expertise as for her dynamic presence on television.

Stats & Facts About Star Jones 

Star Jones, born Starlet Marie Jones, celebrates her birthday on March 24, 1962, making her 62 years old as of 2024. She hails from Badin, North Carolina, and has made a significant impact in both the legal and television industries. 

Star’s personality and presence have graced both courtrooms and TV screens. Her marital journey includes a publicized marriage and subsequent divorce from Al Reynolds. Star’s career has not only been highlighted by her roles on television and in law but also by her advocacy for health and wellness, particularly after her personal health challenges. 

Her engagement across various platforms and her continuous presence in the media and public speaking circuits have made her a notable figure in multiple domains.

Who is Star Jones’ New Husband?

Star Jones married Ricardo Lugo on March 25, 2018. The couple celebrated their union with a wedding aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise in the Bahamas. This special occasion also coincided with Star Jones’ birthday, making it a double celebration.

Ricardo Lugo is an attorney, similar to Star Jones. He has had a career as a former Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney and is involved in representing children in juvenile neglect and abuse cases. Lugo also has a son named Jake from a previous marriage.

The couple went public with their relationship in July 2016 at the 8th Annual Children’s Museum of the East End Family Affair in Bridgehampton, New York, and announced their engagement in October 2017. This wedding marked the second marriage for both Lugo and Jones.

This is Jones’ third marriage, as she was also married to Herb Wilson before her first husband Al Reynolds.

Star Jones’ Net Worth in 2025?

The trajectory of Star Jones’ career and her net worth in recent years paints a vivid picture of success and resilience. 

Having doubled her net worth from an impressive career in law and television, Star Jones has established herself as a formidable figure in both fields. As of 2024, her net worth stands as a testament to her hard work, diverse talents, and adaptability in the face of an evolving media landscape.

Looking ahead to 2025, it is reasonable to anticipate that Star Jones’ net worth will continue to grow substantially. With her recent role as the judge on ‘Divorce Court’ and her ongoing involvement in various television and legal projects, her influence and earning potential are poised to expand. Additionally, her active engagement in social causes and public speaking adds layers to her already diverse career profile.

As we look to the future, Star Jones stands as a shining example of how versatility and dedication can lead to sustained success and an ever-growing legacy.