Faith Jenkins net worth

Faith Jenkins Net Worth: How Rich Is The Legal Commentator?

Faith Jenkins has been a prominent figure in the legal and television world since her initial appearance as a legal analyst in 2014. 

Over the past decade, her reputation has soared since she became the presiding judge on ‘Divorce Court’, one of the longest-running court shows, stepping into the big shoes of the show’s longest server Judge Lynn Toller. 

As of 2024, this accomplished 46-year-old attorney and television personality has become a household name. Her insightful legal commentary and charismatic presence on television have not only garnered her a significant following but also led to substantial financial success.

Now, let’s dig deeper into her early life, education, and the pivotal moments in her career that have shaped Faith Jenkins’s net worth and public standing.

Faith Jenkins Net Worth

As of 2024, Faith Jenkins’ net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million, a figure that reflects her successful career both as a legal analyst and a television personality. 

This impressive wealth places her among the most financially successful figures in the realm of legal-based television shows, with anyone yet to match the net worth of the legendary Judge Judy.

Faith Jenkins’ Main Income Sources 

Faith Jenkins’ primary income stems from her illustrious career in television and law. As of 2024, she is best known as the presiding judge on ‘Divorce Court’, a role she has held since 2020. 

This position, along with her prior work as a legal analyst on various networks, forms the cornerstone of her financial success. Her television career with “Killer Relationships,” marked by astute legal commentary and a charismatic on-screen presence, has significantly contributed to Faith Jenkins’ net worth.

Her presence is not limited to television alone. Faith is also a sought-after public speaker and author, with her book providing both critical acclaim and financial benefits. Her social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, further enhance her public profile and marketability. 

Through these channels, Jenkins engages with a broad audience, sharing her legal expertise and insights into her personal and professional life.

Faith Jenkins’ Other Ventures 

Beyond her primary roles in television and public speaking, Faith Jenkins has diversified her income streams. 

She frequently participates in legal seminars and workshops, sharing her expertise with budding lawyers and legal enthusiasts. Additionally, she has made several guest appearances on other TV shows and legal-themed series, contributing to her overall brand and financial portfolio.

Moreover, Faith Jenkins has leveraged her public image to endorse legal education initiatives and participate in various philanthropic activities. These endeavors not only enhance her professional stature but also contribute to her overall net worth. 

Faith Jenkins’ multifaceted career and various income sources have played a pivotal role in building her substantial net worth as of 2024.”

Faith Jenkins’ Social Media Accounts 

You can stay connected with Faith Jenkins and follow her journey both in the legal world and on her television projects:

Faith Jenkins’ Personal Life, Stats & Facts 

Faith Elizabeth Lattimore, professionally known as Faith Jenkins, was born on September 21, 1977, in Shreveport, Louisiana. She grew up in a nurturing environment, with her family playing a significant role in her early education and moral development.

Faith’s academic journey was marked by excellence. She attended C. E. Byrd High School in Shreveport and then went on to Louisiana Tech University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in political science. Her pursuit of legal studies took her to Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she graduated first in her class with a Juris Doctor degree.

Jenkins’ early interests extended beyond academics. She was actively involved in beauty pageants, becoming the first African-American woman to win the Miss Louisiana Tech title. In 2000, she won the Miss Louisiana title and was the first runner-up in the Miss America 2001 competition, showcasing her diverse talents and poise.

In terms of her personal life, Faith Jenkins has managed to keep a balance between her professional achievements and her private life. On March 8, 2020, she married singer Kenny Lattimore, and in August 2022, they announced they were expecting their first child. Their daughter, Skylar Leigh Lattimore, was born on January 17, 2023.

Faith Jenkins’ Rise to Fame 

Faith Jenkins’ career trajectory is a testament to her multifaceted talents and dedication. She began her legal career at the New York City office of Sidley Austin. After five years as a litigator, she served as an Assistant District Attorney at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, prosecuting criminals and contributing significantly to the legal field.

Her transition to television was marked by her role as a legal analyst, beginning in 2014 with MSNBC. This exposure led to her being the presiding judge on ‘Judge Faith’, a nationally syndicated arbitration-based court TV series. Her compelling and authoritative presence on this show solidified her status in the realm of legal television.

Jenkins’ most notable role came in 2020 when she became the presiding judge on ‘Divorce Court’, succeeding Judge Lynn Toler. Her tenure on the show, until 2022, further elevated her public profile. Following ‘Divorce Court’, Jenkins began hosting ‘Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins on Oxygen, diversifying her presence in the media.

Stats & Facts H4

Date of Birth: September 21, 1977

Place of Birth: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA

Education: Louisiana Tech University (BA), Southern University Law Center (JD)

Professional Roles: Attorney, Legal Commentator, TV Host, Judge

Marital Status: Married to Kenny Lattimore

Children: 1 (daughter Skylar Leigh Lattimore)

Notable Achievements: Miss Louisiana 2000, First Runner-Up in Miss America 2001, Presiding Judge on ‘Divorce Court’ (2020-2022).

Why Did Judge Faith Leave Divorce Court?

While there has been some wild speculation among fans, including theories about potential conflicts of interest, these remain unconfirmed. Faith Jenkins served on the show for just over a year before being replaced by Star Jones

Jenkins’ decision to leave the show was not described as being on bad terms, and there has been no further official statement regarding the main cause of her departure. After leaving “Divorce Court,” Jenkins continued her career in the legal entertainment field, including leading her own series “Killer Relationships with Faith Jenkins” and serving as an executive producer. 

This information suggests that her career move was a part of her professional progression rather than due to any specific issues with “Divorce Court”

Faith Jenkins Net Worth in 2025?

In the span of just a few years, Faith Jenkins’ career has witnessed remarkable growth and success. 

Looking ahead to 2025, it’s clear that Faith Jenkins’ network and influence are only set to expand. Her multifaceted career, which includes roles as a judge, legal commentator, and television host, reflects her diverse talents and her ability to connect with a wide audience. Her success story serves as a powerful motivation for aspiring professionals in the legal and entertainment industries, showcasing how dedication, intelligence, and versatility can lead to extraordinary achievements.