Qualities You Need to be a Winner

Are you winning at life? Have you considered recently whether you are indeed reaching the top of your potential or allowing yourself to be beaten by others. In what is something of a sobering thought, there are actually animals out there who are probably winning at life more than you are, this awesome infographic that was created by Cash Lady shows exactly which animals are doing better than you could be, check it out for some inspiration.

The measure of winning is down to you, there are no set rules for what makes you a champion of life, there are however some qualities which you will need in order to be a winner, these are the skills which all great winners possess.


You cannot become a winner if you don’t believe that you can be one, you must have the conviction and belief that you are going to be successful, or indeed that you are a success, long before you actually achieve it. If you lack confidence or don’t actually believe that you can win then it is highly unlikely that you will.


Winners do not automatically become winners, they may lose at first or even face obstacles which prevent them from becoming a winner. The true champions however are those that can display pure persistence and have the wherewithal to keep pushing, keep fighting and keep searching for a win.


Whatever it is that you are looking to win you should be spending a lot of your time in preparation. Regardless of whether it is a job position, a sporting event, a personal goal or financial success, putting the hours in to prepare for your upcoming challenge will be crucial to your success. True winners are the ones who have put in these hours, the ones who have visualized their victory and charted the path which will take them there, as they say, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about being able to rationalize your thought processes under intense pressure, being able to make smart decisions when the time is right and being able to be the best you can be, regardless of the environment which you are in. Within your emotional intelligence you need to have steely belief and empathy in order to reach your full potential and overcome whatever is in your way.


Whatever it is that you are doing, you need to do so without any fear or failure, the moment you start thinking about the possibilities of failure, you are likely to have already lost. Failure is not an option for winners and if it comes along they will really on their persistent nature to get them up and running again.

If you want to be a winner then you need to work on any of these qualities which you don’t already have, we can all be winners, we just need to work at it and understand how we can become the best that we can be.