Signs of Possible Amphetamine Abuse


Amphetamines are a class of drug that many commonly refer to as “uppers.” They are touted to provide energy when there is no other way to keep moving. The problem is, drugs of this sort are dangerous in that they refuse to allow the body the time it needs to rest and relax. It can wear down the internal organs and place a great deal of stress on the heart. Below are a few signs and symptoms that can point towards an individual developing an unhealthy addiction to amphetamines.

Wild Mood Fluctuations

Anyone that is dealing with the constant use and abuse of amphetamines and methamphetamine is going to experience extreme fluctuations in mood. These will happen without warning and are impossible to hide if the problem is gradually getting out of hand. Be alert to the signs that someone is behaving in more irrational and up-and-down ways that are not normal, even under extreme stress. These are the first clues that there might be a problem with amphetamines.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Individuals that get involved heavily in the use of amphetamines will begin to lose drastic amounts of body weight. They begin to take on the look of someone that is seriously malnourished. Be sure and start asking questions if there is a sudden consistent lack of appetite and the individual is losing a lot of weight quickly.

Signs of Powder Around the Nose or Needle Tracks On Arms

Amphetamines can be ingested, snorted in powder form, or injected with a syringe. Look for red blotches on the arms, which can be marks made from needles, or white powder residue around the nostrils. Either one of these are not easy to explain away. Keep asking until you get the answers needed.

Unexplained Odd Visitors

The individual in question will have to source their drugs from someone. If you notice visitors that look and feel out of place, this could be the source of the drugs. They may not be the seller, but someone that delivers the goods to the party that has made the purchase. Be sure and ask a lot of questions if a visitor does not seem to fit in a business setting.

Large Unexplained Monetary Expenditures

Having a serious amphetamine problem can start costing a lot of money to feed. Take note of times that they seem broke for no apparent reason. There can be times that they dip into company funds to get the needed drugs when personal funds have run dry. Make sure all company money stays accounted for. There can be all types of legal problems if the person begins to use money that is not theirs to purchase illegal drugs.

Irrational Anger or Euphoric Mood

Coming down off of amphetamines can cause bouts of extreme moodiness and unexplained rage, or anger. Being on an amphetamine high can result in the highest euphoric sensation you have witnessed anyone experience. Either is a sign that something is not quite right with the individual and bears watching. The person that is beginning to abuse amphetamines will rarely be anywhere in the middle with mood and behavior. It is normally one extreme or the other.

Sudden Bouts of Violence

Is the normally calm person you work with suddenly taken to bouts of throwing, or breaking things? Violent talk or actions is often a result of an imbalance of the drug in their system. Violence can be an unpleasant side effect of withdrawal. This is a huge sign if it is followed up by any of the other signs and symptoms. It could mean they were briefly without the drug, but have resupplied and are in a much more pleasant mood as a result.

Profuse Sweating and Racing Heart

The use of amphetamines raises the temperature of the body. This can cause bouts of profuse sweating, especially during the warmer months. The heart can race out of control and cause them to become dizzy, pass out and become unresponsive. This can somewhat mimic the symptoms of a heart attack. Be sure and get the services of a paramedic to help determine the source of this problem. A true heart attack, or drug overdose can prove fatal.

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