Services Offered by an Auto Collision Center

An auto collision center refers to an auto repair shop that can perform repairs on your vehicle after an accident. The center is superior to the average roadside service station as it generally offers the expertise of trained and qualified professionals who can get your car back to shape in no time.

Two Types of Auto Repair Shops

A car has two important parts: The engine that generates the power for movement, and the body, that accommodates the engine, travelers and all else. A general auto repair center fixes engine elements and associated parts that face wear and tear from normal driving. An auto body shop repairs the body: bumpers, windows, doors, frame etc., which are parts that aren’t mechanically involved in providing power to the vehicle.

Purpose of a Collision Center

A collision center or auto body shop performs the following work:

  • Repairs and restores vehicles after major or minor collisions
  • Fixes damage occurred to the non-moving and exterior parts
  • Replaces or repairs glass
  • Replaces impacted body panels, bumpers and other parts that are not related to the engine
  • Restores paint as well as repaints the vehicle to go with factory colors
  • Fixes sheet metal dents

Other Collision Center Services

Assembly and Disassembly

A quality collision center can repair almost all types of vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and domestic and foreign cars. Trained professionals can restore your damaged car to its factory specifications in safety and look. First, the experts will identify your vehicle’s damage extent. Then, they will disassemble and assess your vehicle’s components to provide you a clear view of the occurred damage, and what they should do to fix it.

Refinishing and Auto Paint

After performing the repairs, the techs will apply body paint on the vehicle to restore its gloss and good looks. Generally, collision centers use digitalized paint matching solutions like DuPont and Valspar to get a correct paint match. It is important to ensure a quality paint job as it increases the vehicle owner’s enjoyment and maintains the car’s resale value. For these reasons, refinishing and painting are important collision center services.

Auto Repairs

The techs will draft a repair strategy and order the spares to perform the work. It is vital for the experts to use only good quality parts to ensure your vehicle’s safety and look. This can include replacement spares as well as repairs of your car’s external and internal components.

Auto Detailing and Reassembly

Finally, the technicians will precisely reassemble your vehicle, complete all repairs and ensure every system works properly. They’ll also perform auto detailing to make your car look new and fresh.

Other Auto Body Services Offered by a Collision Center

  • Computerized estimates
  • Measuring and alignment systems
  • Rust restoration and auto refinishing
  • Machine and hand waxing
  • Brush touching of rust and minor chips
  • The expertise of certified and trained technicians
  • Sophisticated unibody repair
  • Complete vehicle painting
  • Some centers offer lifetime warranty for car owners
  • Motorcycle, truck and car detailing
  • Car wash service
  • Towing
  • Shuttle service
  • Spot repair expert
  • Repairs of all makes and models
  • Vehicle pickup and delivery
  • Discount rental services
  • Lease return repair

and more…