Reviews – New Battery Powered Motorized Longboard Skateboards 

The release for the first longboard skateboard boasts as 1997 with the patent following in 1999 for inventor Louie Finkle who hails from California. Many manufacturers quickly mimicked production customizing their own versions to mass appeal from the growing audience.

The Motorized Longboard Skateboard

This version of the popular hobby is typically longer than the traditional board in length and comes fitted with an electronic system. For various brands see Ryan’s Best Reviews.

In providing a motor, the rider won’t need to use their feet to push off. Using the person’s movements or through the use of a handheld, the throttle will generally control the speed. Tilting the board in a particular direction ensures that you head in the right direction. The board deems more complex than the standard variety as the process is time-consuming

The Speed Of A Motorized Longboard

In riding the e-skate, you need to consider how much range is available to you with the battery life. A single charge can give nearly 12 miles (ca. 19 km) of range depending on the power of the battery. A regular battery offers 800 watts, but you can install a larger one for more power. And, of course, one offering less wattage is going to render less reach. Charging is fast and easy, providing you use the appropriate charging device. Most of these come with lithium batteries with the recommendation to not drain the battery beyond the 80% level.

The weight of the rider and the equipment will affect the speed as well. Manufacturers are attempting to produce lighter versions. They have found by using effective batteries with better efficiency, the weight reduces by approximately 15 kg making a faster product, not to mention a much more stable ride. For advantages in riding follow

Electric longboards play a vital part in extreme sports. The faster they can go, the better. Some competitors choose to make modifications in an attempt to exceed ‘normal’ speed capabilities. The suggestion is not to do this, particularly if you are a novice to the sport. It can be challenging to control these boards in comparison to a regular version. It’s essential to keep watch over your speed and maintain a comfortable level. That will keep you safe and prevent serious harm or risk of severe injury.

The typical speed capability for a standard variety is between 16 mph (ca. 26 km/h) and 25 mph (ca. 40 km/h), taking into consideration the overall weight, the type of terrain you’re riding on, and other factors. Professional skating enthusiasts doing major modifications have known to achieve speeds up to 55 mph (ca. 89 km/h) on their boards. This particular accomplishment deems a spot in the world record books. But you must take into consideration the level of experience this requires and the number of years on the terrain. Standard equipment is incapable of these types of speeds.

There are longboards with a 30 mph (ca. 48 km/h) to 35 mph (ca. 56 km/h) top speed, but anything beyond that will produce a shaky, unstable experience for the rider. Acceleration is an excellent feature for this skating unit. It boasts the ideal acceleration adding to the thrill for the person using the equipment. Again, faster speeds require experience in handling the equipment and knowledge to avoid any potential mishaps.

Legality And The Motorized Board

The determination of whether the motorized longboards are legal to use on public roads and other locations brings confusion as this is a new category to contend with, and laws are still developing. Despite a lack of precise laws to allow them, the popularity is soaring throughout the world.

If you aren’t sure about the legal regulations within your particular state concerning e-skates, you should contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles in your area. If there is no law in place forbidding their use, this doesn’t mean that it’s legal. There are, in fact, definitive laws in place regarding ‘non-human powered transport,’ which the books deem as motor vehicles. By definition, these would require proper insurance and registration.

A claim of this sort to the DMV, however, comes as futile as existing laws would not define e-skates as meeting motor vehicle standards. It basically puts you at a catch-22. Traveling this path is not something new for many products, though, such as with the e-bikes. The longboards are just the new kid on the block. Here are ways this new form of ‘transportation’ can improve your daily commute.

Is The New Motorized Board Worth The Investment?

Anyone who engages in extreme sports is always looking for the next big thing. Standard equipment is excellent and has pluses and minuses in comparison to the new motorized versions. But the latest variety offers something different and an added thrill to indulge the need for a more significant challenge. The people involved in sports that are extreme always look for challenges to present themselves; it’s part of the excitement.

If the board is worth the investment or not is dependent on the person. The basis will be what your particular budget is and what your specific preferences are. For those who have a lot of years riding on a traditional board, this is a great way to spice things up and engage in a new activity. But the skateboards can run on the costly side. For the enthusiast with experience and years in the sport, price is indeed not an issue when it comes to buying equipment for your performance.

If you’re a novice, you won’t want to start with one of the high-end models. It may be something for which you find you don’t care. You’ll want to begin with something budget-friendly that doesn’t go quite so fast, not fancy, and is more sturdy and stable. Set up a price point and stay within that range. After developing your skills, if you see that this is something you enjoy, you can bump up the quality of your variety as you go.

Be sure that you buy the right board. Get feedback from riders who know. If you don’t get the right board for you, the experience is going to be off, and you’ll ruin the fun for yourself.