Restaurant Renovations To Prepare For Reopening

Whether it was COVID-19, or another incident that caused the closure of your restaurant, a quick renovation is a good idea for when you reopen. Not only is it great to come back with a fresh new look, but as the world is changing, the aesthetics of your business need to roll with it. But besides aesthetics, there are many other practical reasons to renovate your restaurant. With all that in mind, the list below offers some easy restaurant renovation ideas, when reopening.

1. Add a Pop of Color


Color is a great brain stimulant. For the most part, humans are either attracted to, or distracted by, color. Altogether, that’s a good reason to use some color to pull people into your space. What’s more, you can incorporate colors in several different ways. For example, you can add a bright piece of furniture, repaint your walls, or even bring in a live plant. Scattering small or medium plants around a designated space is a great way to spruce it up with natural colors.

Even better, you don’t have to shop for a new plant in-store. You can purchase plant bundles for delivery online. If you’re not sure where to start looking, one store that comes to mind is Lively Root. They have their headquarters in San Marcos, California, but ship all over the United States.

Even better is the fact that all their plants are homegrown and certifiably eco-friendly. Besides growing quality products and delivering, the company also offers good information and inspiration for anyone looking to develop a green thumb outside of work.

2. Work on Your Windows


You’d be surprised at how different your space will look with a new window. However, a window replacement is more than just new windows, it is an opportunity to add some charm, as windows come in many different designs—from vintage to minimalist.

Also, restaurants aren’t all about the food people come to eat; dining out is a whole experience. Taking in the scenery, gazing at the shoreline, or greenery while enjoying some food and drink is a popular way for people to spend a little time together.

When searching for replacement windows online, Google is your friend. For example, if you’re in Northern Michigan, a quick search of ‘window companies in Traverse city‘ will likely bring a few results. One company that stands out is All-Weather Seal. They can help in all areas of home improvement, beyond the commercial businesses. What’s more, they’ve been in the business for almost 40 years and provide all sorts of windows. Additionally, their installation services extend to doors, siding, and roofing.

3. Stock Up on Restaurant Equipment

No restaurant can operate without restaurant supplies. You’ll need small wares, dinnerware, and a range of kitchen accessories. For a wide range of choices, start by looking online. Companies like The Restaurant Warehouse might help.

This Seattle restaurant store supplies merchandise to every state in the U.S. Everything from the standard commercial refrigerator to deep fryers and stoves is provided at a good rate. They equally offer a good deal for equipment financing, restaurant auctions, Atosa catering equipment, and used restaurant equipment. If you’re sticking to a tight budget, the latter will be particularly helpful.

4. Think About Lighting

Unless you’re going for that drab, tavern look, then it’s imperative to light up your space. Of course, that doesn’t entail lighting up bulbs sporadically—there has to be a method to the madness. You can direct the customer’s eyes, distract them, and offer a whole new experience using the right lights. Altogether, lighting breathes life into any given restaurant space. The trick is to combine decorative and practical light sources, as well as lighting designs to spruce up the room. Lighting changes the atmosphere of the whole room, and does so with low prices without taking a lot of time to install.

5. Add Some Attractive Furniture

The type of furniture you use in your space says a lot about your business. Your tables, chairs, and counters can either make or break your customer base. No one wants to be put-off by their surroundings while they eat. So, invest a good amount in some new furniture, or do some DIY work on the functional pieces you presently own. With all this in mind, don’t forget to arrange the furniture considering the fact that you’re opening post-lockdown, as social distancing is probably going to still be in effect.