5 Top Free Tools For Making Money Online

Having a successful website takes work and skill. It needs to appeal to people and computer algorithms. And knowing how to make your website attractive in all the right ways requires expertise, knowledge and understanding.

Unless, of course, you just check out the 5 top free tools for website success and use them instead. Let them do the hard work. Let them be the expert. Free yourself up for other important tasks.

Sometimes it helps to have help. Especially when it is free.

What Makes A Successful Website?

To help understand why these tools are essential in terms of website success. We need to know what website success looks like.

The ultimate goal is to be the first website people find when looking for you, your service, or your product, and to have the most people visiting and engaging with your site. In that way website success sounds simple.

How to get there, all the little required technicalities behind the scenes however, indicate that it may not be as simple as we first thought.

It is now we meet Search Engines, SERPs, SEO, Keywords, Backlinks, Traffic, Meta tags etc.

The most famous Search Engine is Google. The webpages within Google, which feature all your search results (answers to what you were searching for), are called SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

To feature highly in the SERPs you need a great Domain Authority (DA: Your websites Google ranking) and great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). To have a great DA and SEO your website needs to contain a number of important elements.

It needs to, at least, contain the right words (keywords), connections to other sites (backlinks), and be properly descriptive in computer understanding terms (meta tags).

When all these factors are combining and operating efficiently then people will visit your site (traffic). As we know traffic is vital for website success.

Achieving all that is made a whole lot easier when you can get tools to do the work for you. With that in mind here are 5 top tools for website success.

Article Rewriter

An article writer does what it says on the tin. It rewrites articles. To help avoid any legal issues like plagiarism or copyright infringement it takes an article, restructures the content, changes words and phrases, and turns it into a completely individual piece.

Handy for creating great, SEO friendly, content regularly as regular content is welcomed by Google. It also frees time to attend other essential matters.

Plagiarism Checker

The last thing you want to happen is to have plagiarised or copyrighted content on your website. Legally it can get you into trouble. As for Google? It really harms your DA. Which will lower your position on the SERPs. Decrease your traffic. Lose you custom and money. Nobody wants that.

Backlink Maker/Checker

A backlink is basically a connection between two websites. Having a great backlink which goes to a website with a high DA is really good for your own website. Like Guilt by association, but in a good way.

Given the importance of backlinks it is worth having a way of checking them to make sure they are suitable for your site.

Meta Tag Generator/Analyzer

Meta tags are like little snippets of text your computer reads to understand the basic keywords of that webpage. The more appropriate they are the better for your SEO.

Like backlinks, worth having a checker for quality.

Alexa Rank Checker

Again, does what it says. But with a little more. Use it for your own website analysis, or take a look at your nearest competitor.

You’ll see ranking, traffic. Stuff that will help you see how your website is doing. It is a great little SEO audit.

Obviously, these tools are only a small sample of what is out there to help you. They are all equally vital though and will surely help you in building your own website success.