Proper Maintenance for Scaffolding Planks

Finding scaffolding for sale is just the first step towards owning scaffolding. The equipment is incredibly beneficial for a variety of different construction process, but they are also incredibly dangerous. They must, therefore, be built properly and, perhaps more importantly, it must be maintained properly. This means that, besides finding scaffolding for sale, you should also look at where you can purchase scaffolding planks. Those are the ones that tend to go the first, and that have to be replaced the most often. Hence, make sure that, when you do purchase your planks, they meet, or preferably exceed, relevant OSHA standards.

OSHA Standards

Understanding OSHA standards requires specific skills and experience. However, what you need to know is that it is based on:

  • How many rings each inch of wood has.
  • What the grain’s slope is.
  • How many notches and knots the planks contain.

Next Steps

Now that you have found your scaffolding tower and plank supplier, you become responsible for the rest. This means you have to store your planks in the right place, which should be a dry location with plenty of ventilation. Only take them out when you actually intend to use them. Dry storage is the most important storage factor. If the area is too wet or humid, algae will start to grow and your wood planks will start to rot. Make sure you stack them away from the ground, bundling them with a sticker that shows when they were last used. This will also give you the opportunity to only replace what is needed. If you don’t have a completely dry space, make sure you stack your bundles end on end, which allows more air to circulate.

A lot of builders know exactly where to find high quality planks, but they then don’t properly look after them. This is dangerous for starters, and it means the bottom line will eventually be affected, because the planks will become unusable. If a plank is maintained properly, it can easily last a couple of years.

Scaffolding planks are traditionally made from wood. However, more and more often, they are made of steel or aluminum. These have a lot of extra strength, meaning they can support a lot more weight as well. The added benefit is that storage is a lot easier, and that aluminum in particular is a lot more lightweight as well. However, metal tends to be more slippery, which means that it is not suitable for wet areas. Furthermore, there is always the danger of rust, even if aluminum and stainless steel are virtually rust-free.

If you know that you have to buy scaffolding, you must also know that you will have to buy planks. It is up to you to decide what the best options out there are for you, so long as you always put safety first. Scaffolding, as useful as it is, is also one of the most dangerous construction tools out there. You must be realistic about that at all times.