About Oppo:

The brand first endorsed its name in China in the year 2001. The first Oppo phones were initially released by the year 2004 and then expanded to the rest of the world. Oppo phones are the subsidiary of BBK electronics in China, and by June of 2016, it officially became the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the country. Besides phones, they also manufacture blue rays, DVDs, music players and other electronics.

Oppo And It’s Popularity In Australia:

Oppo phones are popular among the youngsters in Australia, with the company holding a market share of about 4.23% by January 2021. What sets the mobile brand apart from other companies is the quality of its cameras. The phones allow the younger generation, who are making their mark in social media and online sites, to capture the best versions of themselves and show them to the rest of the world. Possessing a highly durable camera, people can use the phone to upload high-quality images to any social media site without any second thought.

Besides having a high-quality camera, being budget-friendly is also a unique characteristic of Oppo phones. When it comes to offering a high-quality image capture at a reasonable price, the Oppo brand is unparalleled. Even their slogan “Selfie Expert” emphasises the power of the camera the phones hold.

Statistics Of The Oppo Mobile Brand:

  • The company has more than 40,000 employees working in the sector.
  • They have established locations in over 40 countries all over the world.
  • The company reached a global business level in only 16 years.

Milestones Achieved By The Company:

  • Philippine Basketball Association officially recognised Oppo as the smartphone partner in 2016.
  • Introduced the first MP3 music player in 2003
  • Introduced the first “smiley face” in the year 2003 in the market
  • Launched the first mobile phone in Thailand in 2009
  • In 2011, the prominent actor Leonardo DiCaprio endorsed the brand for the first “find” smartphone feature.
  • Implemented the face beautification feature in 2012
  • Introduced the first camera with a rotational feature in 2013
  • Bought the fast charger process through VOOC in 2014
  • The market share of the mobile brand was in the top 4 global markets in 2016.
  • The “Find X” model became the first to introduce a full-screen smartphone.
  • Introduced the first phone working on the 5G network in 2019 in the markets of the European sector.

Unique Features Of Oppo Phones:

  1. The 5G Network:Oppo mobile was one of the initial brands to launch the 5G network implementation globally. This ensured higher and lightning fast internet speed on the palms of every user. This proves to the people the revolutionary technology that the brand has created.
  2. Fast Charging:The brand has higher charging speed rates under the VOOC technology, of which the brand has over 2700 patents. The flash charging technology is currently used by over 145 million phones all over the world.
  3. Image Capture For High-quality Photos:The latest mobile brand phones have the tri camera setup that allows crisper images and clearer pictures under low light or night time conditions. A dual OIS circuit allows more stability, virtually allowing users to take photos without any disruption.

With such great features at affordable prices, it is not a mystery why young adults and teenagers are enamoured with the Oppo brand.