Most Common Bingo Rewards

People play bingo for all kinds of reasons. Many of them absolutely adore the fact that the game is incredibly easy to do and get involved in; they can pop along to their local bingo hall with their friends and family (or by themselves if they prefer) and they can have some fun when they get there for only a little money. Even easier, they can log into a bingo website and play online at home whenever they want to – click to learn more.

Another reason people love bingo is that it’s fun. Isn’t that the reason people do most things? It’s a fun game and they like it, and that’s as simple as it gets. 

Yet there is another reason why some might play, or at least why they were drawn to the game in the first place, and that’s the potential prizes. Some of these prizes are truly impressive. Let’s take a look at the sorts of things you can win. 


Winning cash is something that many people dream about. It’s why they play the lottery or put bets on horse racing, for example. Yet these things are not quite as much fun as bingo, and therefore bingo does tend to win out. You have to pay to play, of course, but the potential cash wins are enough to make anyone feel that this is a good investment. Some of the larger games, for example – the linked ones with progressive jackpots – can have jackpots that reach into the millions, and if you can change your life in an instant by winning a fortune simply by playing bingo, you can see why it’s a popular idea. If you’re not convinced, think about the largest bingo jackpot ever won; Mr John Orchard won it in 2012, and he won £5.9million. 

Most of the prizes on offer when playing bingo are much smaller than this, but can still make a big difference to people’s lives, and even if ‘only’ a few hundred thousand are on offer, it’s still going to entice people to play! 


Tokens as a bingo prize are used much less than cash, but can be a useful alternative for some places and venues. If you think about arcades, for example, it is easier to pay out in tokens which can then be exchanged for other prizes (not usually cash). These prizes might be toys and games, or sweets or something similar. 

As much fun as winning tokens or tickets might be, you will have to win a lot of them to exchange them for something that might be considered worthwhile, and in the end it might cost you a lot more than it would have done to buy the prize in the first place. 


Again, winning a holiday by playing bingo is a fairly rare event, but it can still happen, and of course, no one is going to complain about winning a break away! Of course, the key thing here is to only play games in which you can actually enjoy the prize if you were to win it – there is no point in playing a game that offers a break away to somewhere you don’t want to go or at a time you can’t take off work because it will be a waste. Many times the terms and conditions will state that you can’t exchange the prize for cash.