Mega Spins slot feature explained

It truly is difficult to overstate the impact that slots and online slots have had on the wider gambling industry, with these games catapulting the world of casino into far higher reaches. Seriously, although the casino industry would have been getting along just fine without slots, with slots it has managed to conquer the modern world, and nowhere is this more visible than with online slots and online casinos such as King Casino

In fact, online slot gamblers account for almost 75% of all online gambling traffic, and it is no wonder that most online casino sites will make sure that their collection of slots are the first things gamblers see. There are multiple reasons for this incredible popularity, but the good work of developers to keep their games interesting is key. The Mega Spins slot feature is one such innovation, read on for an article on the Mega Spins slot feature explained. 

What exactly is the Mega Spins slot feature? 

So, first things first, what exactly is the Mega Spins slot feature? It sure does sound exciting, however the name doesn’t give away much concrete evidence as to exactly what it is. Well, have you ever been slightly been disappointed by the standard offering of 5 reels during your slot gambling career? For some people this number is far too small, and this is where the Mega Spins feature comes in. 

Playing on a Mega Spins slot game could have you spinning something like 5 sets of reels at any one time, something that results in at least 25 different spinning reels, all with several pay lines attached to them too. As you might imagine, this makes these games outrageously lucrative, however the only downside is that Mega Spins slots can also be very hard to keep track of.  

The history of the Mega Spins slot feature 

As you can probably imagine, Mega Spins slots weren’t available back in the early days of slot machines, mainly because the technology required to use them wasn’t available either. It isn’t the easiest thing to mesh several sets of reels together and make an easy to play whole now, is it? In fact, it was only in the 60s and 70s that rudimentary forms of Mega Spins slot games started popping up, but they remained rather rare. 

When you think about the added design, build and materials expenses it is not surprising that Mega Spins slots remained quite rare, however as soon as online slots became possible Mega Spins slots could be found a lot easier. 

Some notable Mega Spins slots 

Now then, all this talk of Mega Spins slots has probably left you desperately wanting to try one, so let’s run through a few of the most popular examples. 

·         Megaspin High 5s: This slot is one of the best examples of a Mega Spins online slot, mainly because it keeps things fairly simple, yet also exciting due to the Mega Spins mechanic. It uses a classic slot aesthetic, but merges it with exciting Mega Spins technology.