5 Tips for Starting Over After Addiction

Substance abuse disorder causes changes in a person’s brain and eventually leads to loss of the ability to control the use of a medication or illegal drug. The physical and mental health consequences can be devastating, and drug addiction may sometimes feel like a fight that’s impossible to win. The truth, however, is that substance abuse treatment is possible, and you can place yourself on the path to a successful recovery.

Whether you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, opioids like heroin, cocaine, or are suffering any other kind of drug abuse, treatment programs can help. If you’ve decided to check in somewhere like Solution Based CA Drug Rehab, you’ve already taken the crucial first step toward sobriety. Clinically supervised detox gets the drugs out of your system so your rehab process can truly begin. Medical detox is critical for treating substance use disorder, and a variety of health insurance plans are accepted to make it accessible. Addiction treatment is personalized with residential treatment and outpatient programs available as needed.

Getting sober isn’t easy, and the next step is staying that way. Here are some ways you can increase your confidence and focus on staying healthy after leaving the treatment facility.

Communicate with Friends and Family

The first thing you should do after rehab is to find out what your family members and friends expect of you now that you’re sober. Depending on how much time you spent struggling with drug abuse, life may be significantly different for all of you than when you started. Establishing expected roles for your relationships can help you make sense of things, and it’s important to let others know what you can handle during this challenging time.

Meet Sober People

On the subject of relationships, if you still have friends who use, it will be in your best interest to avoid them, at least at first. While stress is the greatest of the relapse triggers, people and places associated with your drug use can also sabotage your sobriety. If you don’t have any sober friends, your counselor from rehab should be able to direct you toward support groups where you can meet people facing similar challenges.

Live Healthily

Many people struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle even without the added complications of addiction, but it’s important to start making improvements as you can. Getting on a regular sleep schedule can make a world of difference compared to the sporadic sleeping habits of addicts. The health benefits of good sleep are numerous, but most importantly it can reduce issues with anxiety and depression, which can be common in those recovering from addiction, and it makes it easier for you to maintain healthy body weight.

Get a New Look

The new, sober you deserves a look that matches your commitment to a better life. You may be surprised at the psychological effects a changed haircut or upgraded wardrobe can have. There are plenty of ways you can discover a new personal style. For example, petite dresses for women can be a major change that gives you a more formal look if you’re usually one to stick with a blouse and jeans. The Bohemian style for men can be a good choice for comfort and to show you’re going your own way. Whatever you choose, make sure it helps you feel confident in yourself, and your journey can go much more smoothly.

Pursue Your Dreams

Once you’re comfortable with sober living, you’ll likely find that you have a great deal of extra time on your hands. You can finally use this time wisely to accomplish your life goals. Want to go back to school? Interested in a new career path? Think you need to move to a new area? You won’t find a better time to act on these desires than after becoming sober. You now have the ability to reach your true potential.