London’s family-friendly fun to enjoy this February

It’s a new year and you are already planning your half-term activities with your family for February. After all, January is now over, and you deserve to enjoy 2020 to its fullest.

If you are planning a trip to London in the next few weeks, don’t just wander around aimlessly. Instead, check out these amazing events that are going to happen throughout London. You know that you and your family just can’t miss out on any of this fun.

Hampton Court Spymasters

From 15 February to 2 February, Hampton Court is going to be transformed into a world of mystery for you and your children. Allow yourself to be transported back to the reign of Elizabeth I and jump into a day of catching traitors and solving mysteries!

As a royal spymaster, you have the duty of protecting Elizabeth I by picking out traitors in her court while deciphering codes and listening in on conversations. This is an event that will keep your brain active and alert throughout the entire day!

Knight School at the Tower of London

After rolling out of the Dorsett Hotel, City of London, you can proceed to don your armour and retrieve your best sword. After all, you’re about to become a knight for the day! Join your new tutors at the Tower of London for a half-term filled with sword fighting, dressing up, flag designing and much more. If you master your skills, you may even get Queen Elizabeth Woodville to grant you a knighthood. How exciting is that!

London Zoo: Vets in Action

If you’re a big fan of animals, you may want to head down to London Zoo to take a step into the shoes of the zoo vets, nurses and zookeepers. Between 15 and 23 February, the zoo will host “Vets in Action”, a roleplay event that can help you to learn about some of the zoo’s population of 16,000 animals. You can take part in this activity once you have entered the zoo.

London’s International Mime Festival

Looking for something fun to enjoy at the start of February? If you arrive in the UK’s capital for 2 February, then you might catch London’s International Mime Festival, where you can enjoy some of the top puppet performances. This includes circus-theatre, animation, puppetry, physical, mask and object theatrics. These performances are taking place all over London – so, no matter where you go, you are sure to catch a performance taking place.

Pancake Day

Shrove Tuesday is a cause for big celebration in London on 25 February. London hosts the charity pancake race which raises money for those who need it the most. So, grab your pan and start flipping. It’s great fun, and you can raise money at the same time, not to mention enjoy some delicious pancakes.

Southbank: Imagine Children’s Festival

If you’re a fan of art, literature, theatre and music, Imagine Children’s Festival is the place to be. This festival is on between 12 and 23 February and has plenty of workshops and activities for kids up to 12 years old to enjoy. Go see The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show or the Earth Activity Trail. There are tons of events for you to see and enjoy.